"Steven and the Stevens" Aftermath Theory
Sobbing Steven
Theory Information
Author Jacob.cinnamon
Illustrator Jacob.cinnamon
Date of Publication May 6, 2015

The "Steven and the Stevens" Aftermath Theory states the continuity of the secondary timeline created by Steven in the episode "Steven and the Stevens".


This theory deals with whatever happens after the events of "Steven and the Stevens" in all the different timelines created by the use of the Hourglass.

It seems like a fair assumption to think that the Hourglass's effect isn't really "time travel", but "timeline travel". It is supported by the second use of the Hourglass (when Steven uses it to prevent himself of using the first time, which couldn't happen in a linear, constant timeline) and by the song "Steven and the Crystal Gems" (see Evidence).

So, taking that in consideration, we get that, if not creating, at least the Hourglass allows mobility through timelines. It means there are different timelines, and that all the Stevens are passing through them.

Now, at the end of the episode, it is shown the destruction of the Hourglass of the last-seen timeline followed by the destruction of the Stevens' bodies but of the one from the currently observed timeline. As this scene and the last song hint, it may mean the death of those Stevens.

From that we get:

1. There are different timelines, each originating one Steven.

2. The Stevens of some of those timelines died due the events of "Steven and the Stevens".

It means that, in some timelines, Steven died due to the events in this episode, but the timeline continued, it is, the universe of those timelines went on without Steven, and so did all the people and gems in those.


Possible implications

It's possible that, in an upcoming episode, we see another interaction of timelines, even of those that contain characters mourning their Steven's disappearance.

Cultural responses

This theory is widely used to illustrate the background for the meme "Bad!Pearl" and "Bad!SUCharacter" meme structure that followed it.

Contrary Theories

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