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Disproved Theory
Recently acquired data disproves this theory, "The Cluster" Geode Theory. We appreciate the attempt.
"The Cluster" Geode Theory
Theory Information
Author aphot-nuit
Illustrator YellowFreakingDiamond
Date of Publication September 25, 2015
Source aphot-nuit Tumblr


Ever since Catch and Release, some have theorized that "The Cluster" may have been more scary than we have ever thought.

So did anyone else notice that Peridot keeps referring to something called “The Cluster”? There’s a reason for that.

None of the Cluster Gems we’ve seen so far are The Cluster itself.

It doesn't matter what Earth is like! It's not going to be like anything soon!

—Peridot, Catch and Release
Every time Peridot mentions the fusion experiments, it’s always been in reference to something called The Cluster. Not the cluster gems. The Cluster. Peridot also keeps saying that this thing is going to kill everything. She says in “Friend Ship” that Earth has an expiration date. She said in “Catch and Release” that The Cluster was going to destroy everything, going so far to say that she and everyone else would be shattered. Why would Peridot be afraid of the monsters that were easily poofed by Connie, Steven, and Garnet? Because those things aren’t what she’s talking about.

But, take note of the fact that Peridot also mentions that The Cluster will hatch. Not emerge. Hatch. Notice that an upcoming episode is called, “When it Rains.” The plot? “Steven helps a friend who’s afraid of thunderstorms.” I’m making a lot of assumptions here, but what if that friend is Peridot? And what if the reason she’s afraid of thunderstorms is because-


-THIS thing contains more than just a synthetic thunderstorm. After all, what’s inside a geode? A massive cluster of rocks and gems.

So if the Geode breaks, then the storm will be unleashed and our bodies will be vaporized.

—Pearl, House Guest
The writers did say Steven’s healing powers would have worked on the Geode, had Greg not messed them up, but every single time Steven has used his healing powers, it was on a living thing. First on Connie’s eyes, then Lapis’ Gem, then Greg’s leg, and his attempt at healing the Geode. What if the healing powers only work on living things, which was why it didn’t repair the Homeworld Warp? What I’m getting at here is, what if the reason Peridot fears thunderstorms, is because the Geode has more than just a storm inside of it. The storm just means the geode is cracking. Hatching. This is not a Geode at all. It’s an egg.

An egg for the Cluster.

Disproved Theory

This theory was disproved in the episode "When It Rains", where is revealed that the Cluster is located in Earth's lower mantle.