4 Homeworlds Theory
Ocean Gem 4 Homeworld theory stars
Theory Information
Title 4 Homeworlds Theory
Author Gh0stlychances
Illustrator Qnomei
Date of Publication September 22, 2015
Source Gh0stlychances Tumblr
Originating in the Mirror Gem episode where Lapis is on her water tower and is looking to the “Homeworld”. There's something interesting about what’s noted to be “Homeworld”.

It’s not just one star that is distinctively Homeworld. It’s those four stars that the show deliberetly makes you focus on when she looks to Home. What I found interesting was that those Stars…they’re colors seem to be (from left to right) Blue, Whitish-yellow, Pink, and White.

“Homeworld” is never mentioned with the actual name of it because the three Homeworld Gems we’ve seen so far (Lapis, Jasper, and Peridot) don’t have a single “Homeworld” but perhaps four different gem planets. And it could explain why Pearl and Garnet don’t say the specific name of it, either. They all just refer it as “Homeworld” because there is no one place. 

On top of that, it would explain why there were four leaders (the Diamonds) who ruled over “Homeworld”.  The Diamonds each ruled one planet all to themselves. It also would explain the temple where you see the statues of the diamonds. 

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They are not together as perhaps a council over one planet. They are seperated from each other as if they had to come together and not already together.