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Disproved Theory
Recently acquired data disproves this theory, A Cure For Corrupted Gems. We appreciate the attempt.
A Cure For Corrupted Gems
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Headcanon Information
Title A Cure For Corrupted Gems
Author SpinDizzy1
Illustrator SpinDizzy1
Date of Publication December 12, 2015
Publication Order
Previous Why the Kindergarten Project Was Abandoned On Earth
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Someone mentioned on the SU Wiki how they hoped that Steven Universe would accidentally heal one of the corrupted Gems and it got me wondering how could this be made possible.

About Corrupted Gems

We know a bit about the "monsters" that keep attacking Beach City from the Crystal Gems. They were Gems too but somehow had been corrupted. Rose Quartz tried and failed to cure these Gems, so the Crystal Gems' mission is to find and bubble these Gems in order that they are kept safe from and inflicting any harm on the general populace.

Healing Corrupted Gems

This headcanon is quite simple; in order for anyone to cure a corrupted Gem it needs to be cracked first before it is healed by magic. It is probably the one thing that Rose Quartz would refrain from doing, causing harm to one of the members of her team (it is likely that all of the corrupted Gems were former Crystal Gems). Steven will not intentionally harm a corrupted Gem to find the cure, but a corrupted Gem who he is very close to may become damaged and Steven will use his healing spit on it. When that Gem reforms it will go through all of its previous forms (just like a regular Gem) including the corrupted form before going back to humanoid form, effectively rebooting the gemstone.

So far we have only seen Steven heal one cracked Gem, Lapis Lazuli, but she was appeared to be damaged yet uncorrupted when she was freed of her mirror ("Mirror Gem"). There was a possibility that Amethyst had been exposed to whatever corrupted the Gems as she was buried in Kindergarten at the time Greg said that Rose Quartz only managed to shield a few of her closest friends from whatever Homeworld did to eliminate the Crystal Gems on Earth at the end of the Gem Wars ("The Return"). Garnet appeared more anxious when Amethyst was reforming ("Reformed") than when Pearl was ("Steven the Sword Fighter"), so it is possible that Garnet suspects Amethyst was exposed to something dangerous, however Amethyst has also had her gem cracked and healed using Rose's healling tears so whatever risk that Amethyst had reforming corrupted may have now been removed.

Possible Side Effect of Curing Corruption

It would be great if Steven could find a quick cure-all for the corrupted Gems, however it is not likely to happen unless the programme is drawing close to its end. Another possibility is that Steven's cure only partially works and it will lack stability. For example Centipeetle could return to her humanoid form for short periods of time, but will revert to her corrupted state if placed under pressure - I call this the were-Gem scenario.

Possible Scenario of Curing Corruption

The most likely scenario is that at some point we are going to be reacquainted with Centipeetle and she will once again sacrifice herself to save Steven (she is definitely a Quartz by her looks and personality) and cracks her gemstone in the process. Steven has already healed Lapis Lazuli's gem before so he will naturally do the same thing to Centipeetle. I think that this will cause the gem to "reboot" this remove the corruption. Considering how many Gems are bubbled in the Crystal Temple that could be cured, we probably won't see a full cure for the corruption until the finale of Steven Universe unless we have a were-Gem scenario then the Crystal Gems will probably refrain from attempting to cure any more corrupted Gems until they are certain they can stabilize the transformation.