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Disproved Theory
Recently acquired data disproves this theory, A Fifth Crystal Gem Has Been Here The Whole Time!. We appreciate the attempt.
A Fifth Crystal Gem Has Been Here The Whole Time!
Cry For Help Suspiscious Pearl
Theory Information
Author Evtini200
Illustrator Evtini200
Date of Publication May 30, 2015

Wazzup dawg? Your lord and savior Evtini is here to shake the foundations of Theory Zone Wiki. Now prepare yourself for the genius that is me!

It's something that's bugged me early in the series: how do the Gems know what missions to go on? Who's assigning them?

Garnet is a possible answer. She has future vision and all. Still, future vision doesn't exactly mean going on missions cause you saw them in the future.

Next bit of evidence: Sugilite's debut episode. The Gems were trying to destroy towers that had suddenly begun emitting bursts of electromagnetic interference. Garnet sums it up to "it's hurting television." Seems to me like it's jamming signals. Now if I was on the run, I'd see this as a good thing. Bad signal means Homeworld gems will have a harder time reaching me. If anything, I'd be increasing the jam. But what if it was putting the Gems in a different bad spot: stopping the signals they actually need from whoever's assigning them missions. They'd have to destroy those things as fast as possible, which is why Garnet would risk fusing with Amethyst.

But who could it be? Onion? What if it's another gem? Rose had an army, correct? What if one of them was in charge of tactics and operations? That gem did little actual fighting and survived the war. Said gem operated from a distance, scooping the scene and giving orders from behind.

But if this was true, why haven't we seen this anonymous helper? Oh, well I don't know. I guess this theory is busted- But I can explain that! We're seeing this show more or less through Steven's eyes aren't we? The Gems would likely want to hide this from him. Originally, they didn't want him to know about the war or other gems. They didn't even want him on missions. Naturally they'd try to keep him away from the war director. Since Steven doesn't know about this person and doesn't know how the Gems know what missions to do, neither do we.

So now you're wondering where this person might be. My guess is some sort of space station. It makes for a great tactical position and wold explain why this gem never got hurt in the war.

Steven is slowly coming to grips with how serious the gem's lives are. More secrets are coming into the open. Whoever this gem is, she'll need to come out of hiding soon. Especially with Peridot running about.

If this becomes canon, I totally called it.

Disproved Theory

Part of this theory was disproved by the episode "Cry for Help". We learned that Peridot originally fixed the communication hub, and Pearl kept rebuilding it to fuse with Garnet. There is no proof to substantiate this part of the theory.