All Quartzes Were Made on Earth
Amethyst kidergarten
Theory Information
Title All Quartzes Were Made on Earth
Author Amethystkitten
Illustrator Amethystkitten
Date of Publication October 25th 2015
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Hey everyone, I'm Amethystkitten and I've got a new theory for you all today.


Today's theory is that all Quartzes were created on Earth in the Kindergarten.


On the Run:

I am not going to let you stand there and remind me of everything I hate about myself!


In comparison Amethyst's hole is much lower

First let's take a look at "On the Run" the first episode where we discovered the Kindergarten and that it was the place where our very own Amethyst was in fact made. In this episode it was revealed that she emerged from a hole one which in another shot was revealed to be much lower than the others. She then said to Steven,

What? You mean about the bad thing? How this bad place is where bad Gems came to grow more bad Gems? Is that what you're talking about?

Steven was evidently shocked by this revelation but let's look a little further.

Keeping it Together:

Peridot and steven

Let's jump to "Keeping it Together" where we first discovered the fusion experiments, more intergalactic warriors been grown in the center of the Earth, some of the prototypes being grown in the Kindergarten. We know that everything that was grown in the Kindergarten thus far was meant to be a warrior or a fighter. Also look at that image, all the holes seem to be at different heights which makes sense based on the two Quartzes we've met, Jasper and Amethyst.

Too Far:

You outrank everyone on your team, they should be listening to you! You're a strong singular fully functional soldier, despite the fact you're defective.

I feel the most important evidence for my theory lies in "Too Far" in this episode was learned far more about the homeworld caste system. Particularly, about Quartzes. Peridot admitted to us that Amethyst is in fact defective and explained the meaning of the term "overcooked" (used by Jasper in "The Return.") She also

admitted what Quartzes really were.

They're huge, loyal soldiers. You should be twice your size. Broad shouldered, intimidating, but you simply stayed in the ground too long.


Does that description sound at all familiar, I think it does, reminds you of Jasper doesn't it? So I know I've sidetracked a bit, but geologically the fact is Jasper really is Quartz and this was also confirmed in the guide to the Crystal Gems.

So how does any of this connect. Peridot revealed to us that Quartzes are soldiers, made for fighting the Amethyst's entirety were a newer race of gems made on earth solely for that purpose. Besides, now that we know the gem caste system, and know that the Kindergarten sucks away life it would be simply illogical to make Quartzes on Homeworld. It would destroy the planet, and we have proof that gems still live there meaning Earth was not rebound (Especially since with the cluster, the planet is to be destroyed.)


In conclusion, I believe that all Quartzes were made on Earth. Drop me a comment on what you think of my theory! I'd love some feedback