Amethyst and Greg Theory
For Steven Universe
Theory Information
Title Amethyst and Greg Theory
Author TheCutePIkachu
Illustrator CasaBlacka


This theory delves into the relationship of Greg Universe and Amethyst and what it may have been.


For Steven Universe

The way you think about Maximum Capacity. The more this theory will make sense. It's how about if Amethyst And Greg became a couple or either Amethyst has a crush on Greg to begin with. For starters why is Amethyst getting riled up in Story For Steven? Sure she's still sort of young and she was raised in Kindergarten. But what about in Maximum Capacity? Greg says "We used to watch this when you were younger, Steven." Emphasis on "We", as in Amethyst and Greg watched it. I know what you're thinking. "Well aren't they talking about Rose?" Well notice how Greg said "You were younger" Meaning that Rose has passed on to be Steven. Then we skip to around the time where New Year has begun. When Steven mentions the situation to Pearl she says "They're watching that dumb show again? They used to disappear for days to watch those tapes over and over again" This is another major connection. This is how Maximum Capacity pushes this Theory to Overdrive. With so many hints on how Amethyst's Relationship with Greg can be bigger. Now we skip to where Steven finds them. Greg says "Stop!! You're doing that thing again!" Meaning that Amethyst has done this before. With all the evidence being supported this is most likely a viable theory. (This is from a Chat, Credit: CasaBlacka)

☀Amethyst, probably to impress Greg more, aged herself to how she is now. Keep in mind her post-Reformed look is like Greg's

  • the torn jeans, the long hair. they were Greg's looks
    • She molded herself like him, most likely to impress him or to just show off how "cool" he looked
    • Meanwhile Greg aged a bit.
    • but eventually Greg and Rose started seeing each other more and more.
    • This made Amethyst really upset since she was really close to Rose, most likely something to do with Kindergarten.
    • So Amethyst probably shapeshifted into Rose in an attempt sabotage Greg and Rose's relationship, or to do something else that made a giant rift between them.

With Stevenbomb 2.0 happening here is what i could gather, in We Need To Talk, Amethyst says "I kind of like him" Hinting at quite a early age Amethyst likes Greg already. Since Amethyst plays Drums in Greg's sort of Mini-Band. She has a chance of getting close to Greg. But seeing as Rose and Greg were dancing. She was waiting for the right moment A.K.A when Rose was becoming Steven.

With Stevenbomb 3.0 we might get a few more hints. So once again we go back to Maximum Capacity. Amethyst has said that She has seen Greg's Junk A.K.A His Storage Locker. How so? He never cleaned it as of that episode. Why would she help? Considering how it may be cluttered at that time. It could mean that they could be secretly having an affair with Greg making some sort of excuse to go hang out.

With the new Stevenbomb the best evidence i could grab was from Onion Friend. Amethyst and Vidalia state that they both used to hang around with Greg. Vidalia, I could understand since she was His manager's girlfriend but Amethyst? You can start finding the connections here. Amethyst's style as I've said is based on Greg on the early days. However she may also be influenced by Vidalia. Who also may have a crush on Greg. So since they realize Greg and Rose were dating. They decided to go stick together since they won't have much of a chance on Greg and Rose's true love.

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