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Amethyst and Rose Quartz Never Fused Together is now a confirmed theory! Congratulations to the theory's author, SpinDizzy1!
Amethyst and Rose Quartz Never Fused Together
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Title Amethyst and Rose Quartz Never Fused Together
Author SpinDizzy1
Illustrator SpinDizzy1
Date of Publication December 13, 2015
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Once again this article falls into the headcanon section rather than theory as there is no definitive proof either way that Rose Quartz and Amethyst ever fused together. I am here to discuss why the two probably never formed a Fusion.

Issues Facing a Rose Quartz/Amethyst Fusion

There are a number of issues which would make resorting to a Rose Quartz/Amethyst fusion. These include:

It is an Unhealthy Fusion

Although the Crystal Gems were a close bunch, it is easy to notice that Amethyst does still harbour some ill feelings towards Rose Quartz and Greg with regards to Rose spending time with Greg instead of her. The best example of this can be seen in "Maximum Capacity" where Amethyst finally reveals her resentment of Greg and Rose's relationship. Such feelings may cause issues with syncing with each other, as Amethyst had problems syncing with Pearl to form Opal during "Giant Woman" because the two were bickering prior to fusing. In "Fusion Cuisine" we saw how Gems when put out of their comfort zone caused unstability within the Fusion and the Gems started fighting for control over the Fusion. At the far end of the scale is Malachite, although they successfully fused together, the relationship between Jasper and Lapis Lazuli was so bad that they began with seperate personalities. Again there was a fight for control over the Fusion and in the end Lapis Lazuli won.

The question is, knowing that her resentment of Rose Quartz could jeopardize the stability of the Fusion, would Amethyst take the risk fusing with her? It would have to be a dire emergency with no other Gems present for Amethyst to do that.

A Super Quartz is Formed

We have seen how Garnet and Amethyst when combined together to produce Sugilite, a Fusion that did not want to give up her identity (Sugilite was strong enough to override Garnet's control). If we eliminate the possibility that Amethyst's resentment will cause instability, then we have a new problem, another Fusion who may not want to give up their identity. During "Coach Steven" Pearl managed to take down Sugilite by using brains over brawn, however aspects of Rose Quartz's personality may make the Amethyst/Rose Quartz Fusion a deadly combination. Unlike Garnet who often punches problems until they are fixed, Rose Quartz was the leader of an army of Gems who managed to defeat a far superior force with her tactics - even Jasper acknowledged Rose Quartz's skills as a commander. This would not be so bad for Garnet or Pearl if it was not for Amethyst's unpredictability added to the mix. In "Cry for Help", Amethyst admitted that she was jealous of Garnet's power and admitted that it was easy to get carried away when fused with her, so it is likely that Amethyst would have similar feelings with regards to Rose Quartz's power.

We have seen in "Sworn to the Sword" how Pearl fares with trying to fight a Quartz fusion - it's game over for Pearl - repeatedly. Despite being different types of Quartzes, Pearl and Garnet would have to face a similar level of strength if Amethyst and Rose lost control of the fusion, but one who is unpredictable and can outmanuever both Pearl and Garnet, which leads to the chilling possibility that not even Sardonyx would be able to counter a Rose Quartz/Amethyst fusion.

Other Fusion Combinations are Prefered

As well as Rainbow Quartz, we saw a glimpse of the favoured Fusion combination of the Crystal Gems during a dire emergency in "Historical Friction", during the play a shadow puppet of a Fusion with Garnet and Rose Quartz features was used. As Pearl was providing all of the details for the production, it is likely to be an accurate respresentation of the Fusion used to save the humans during that historical event.


A fusion between Rose Quartz and Amethyst could have been too risky for the Crystal Gems to undertake. Even if they are able to overcome syncing problems, the probability that a Fusion that would not relinquish their identity and allow Amethyst and Rose Quartz to unfuse could have been too high. The situation would be worse than Sugilite with a giant Quartz fusion with the abilities of a master tactician who is also unpredictable and could have left Pearl and Garnet with no way of subduing the new Fusion.

Note: As Rose Quartz has passed her gemstone to her son Steven, the change of dynamic between him and Amethyst as well as differences within his personality would make fusion between Amethyst and Steven more favourable if possible.

Confirmed Theory

In "Earthlings", it was implied that Smoky Quartz (the fusion of Steven/Rose and Amethyst) has never been formed.