Confirmed Theory
Connie's Parents are OK With Magic Adventures with Steven is now a confirmed theory! Congratulations to the theory's author, Ronaldo Smith!
Connie's Parents are OK With Magic Adventures with Steven
Connie's Parents are Okay with Magic
Theory Information
Title Connie's Parents are OK With Magic Adventures with Steven
Author Ronaldo Smith
Illustrator Ronaldo Smith
Date of Publication June 22 2015


The events in Fusion Cuisine, and in subsequent episodes, seem to show or imply that Connie's parents are behaving in ways that do not make sense. However in the context of Indian culture they may make sense.


Due to their Indian background, the Maheswarans are willing to allow Connie to be involved in Steven's magic adventures. They have not told her yet, so she is erroneously assuming they would be against it.


Honestly this is more head canon than theory, because there is no direct evidence to support it. However deductive reasoning does seem to indicate something significant is going on off screen. Connie's parents exhibit difficult to understand behavior in several episodes.

Fusion Cuisine

How would most parents have reacted when waiting for Steven's family only to see a 30 foot tall, six armed, women striding toward them? They would have grabbed Connie and run in a panic! Further more they would never let her see Steven again.

The Maheswarans however remained calm and tried to be polite. As the dinner proceeds the events become more and more bizarre, but the Maheswarans continue to act as if it is a normal dinner. The only emotion they show is towards Connie's misbehavior (running away).

What can possibly explain this? I offer this dramatization. The events of Fusion Cuisine would actually make sense, at least to an extent, in an Indian cultural setting.

Lion Alex

Sworn to the Sword

The Maheswarans are all about safety. However Connie is allowed to participate in Pearl's sword training. Perhaps Connie is keeping it a secret from her parents, but that would seem to be very difficult to do for the following reasons:

  1. Connie is frequently getting cuts and bruises.
  2. Connie has obtained a Kalarippayattu outfit. This would most likely have been purchased for her by her parents. (Though it is possible Pearl gave it to her).
  3. To progress in her training Connie would need to be practicing a great deal on her own as well as with Pearl. Doing this at home would virtually guarantee her parents would at a minimum suspect something.

The dramatization given for Fusion Cuisine would neatly explain why the Maheswarans seem to be either ignoring Connie's martial arts training, or perhaps openly supporting it. This could be especially true if they have been told it is Kalarippayattu training.


If Connie were to tell her parents what is going on when she visits Steven, her parents would naturally be concerned about her safety, but would not forbid her to see Steven.

Confirmed Theory

Was confirmed in "Fusion Cuisine" that Connie's parents are fine with Steven and in "Nightmare Hospital" it's confirmed that Dr. Maheswaran is not worried about Connie around magic stuff. Finally, it is confirmed in "Gem Hunt" that Connie's parents fully support Connie's participation in missions with the Crystal Gems.