I don't know what will happen in the future, but if something dangerous comes along, I don't want to be a burden, I want to help! I want to be there for Steven, to fight by his side! The Earth is my home too, can't I help protect it?

—"Sworn to the Sword"
Connie Maheswaran
  • Miss Knight (Steven)
  • Strawberry (Steven)
  • Jam Bud (Steven)
  • Young Lady (Dr. Maheswaran)
  • Honey (Dr. Maheswaran)



Rose's Sword (non summoned)



Personal Status


  • Dr. Maheswaran (Mother)
  • Mr. Maheswaran (Father)

"Bubble Buddies"

Music Theme

Connie (piano demo)

Voice Actor

Grace Rolek

"Connie Maheswaran" is a character in Steven Universe. She is Steven's close friend who made her debut in the episode "Bubble Buddies"


Connie is a young small framed girl with dark skin and waist-length dark brown puffy hair. She has a prominent nose, somewhat thick eyebrows and wears a pair of red lens-less glasses (after the events of "An Indirect Kiss"). She is slightly taller than Steven.

She's usually seen in a mint-green and white dress, along with a baby blue sash and lime green socks, as well as salmon-colored boots. In the intro, she wears a hat and has no socks. Her casual wear includes blue overalls with a green-striped white shirt; a green shirt and gray khaki shorts; white shirt which has a golden sun, with blue shorts and dark pink flats; pink shirt with blue shorts, and her boots; sleeveless periwinkle dress with a pale violet lace around her waist, and powder blue flats. For tennis practice, she wears the outfit she previously wore in "An Indirect Kiss" (the second casual outfit), along with a pale blue tennis visor and has her hair in a ponytail. Her formal outfit is a pale yellow mini cardigan, white top, black-gray leggings, and pink heels. Her snow wear is a pale blue coat with a thick white fur-collar, white mittens, and pale blue-colored version of her boots.


Connie has a bookwormish personality, generally being withdrawn and introverted, as well as curious and intelligent. Due to her parents lifestyle Connie rarely stays in one place for long and has been unable to form lasting friendships until she met Steven, and often feels lonely. Her parents are very strict and disallow her from common childhood activities (such as eating donuts or anything with trans-fat), this has led her to flat-out lie about Steven's non-nuclear family, due to her paranoia about how they might react. Although despite her obedience to her parents she is not above exploiting loopholes (such as not buying snacks at a theater and instead bringing them from Steven's home).

Connie  has grown used to the strange dynamic of her friendship with Steven despite her initial uncertainty to it, as in "Marble Madness" such as when the Gems destroy one of Peridot's robots in front of her, she reacts passively and only comments "[she] loves hanging out at [Steven's] place." She can be a bit deadpan at times, such as when she jokes about cutting off Steven's hand in "Lion 2: The Movie" and in that same instance quickly understands that by poking/tickling Steven she could provoke a reaction from Rose's Secret Armory. Her hobbies appear to include tennis and reading, she also plays the violin, as seen in "Fusion Cuisine."


Image Description Appearance(s)
Connie wears a white and aqua-blue sundress with a darker blue sash separating the white half from the aqua-blue half. She coordinates her dress with peach colored boots and a tan sun hat with a brown strip across the top. She also wears her glasses in the opening theme. "Theme Song (season 1)"
"Full Disclosure" (Photo)
Connie wears a sky-blue t-shirt and pale-gray jean shorts. She wears her glasses and peach tennis shoes. "An Indirect Kiss"

"Nightmare Hospital"

Connie 13
Connie wears a white and light mint-green striped shirt and full body overalls and wears peach tennis shoes. In one episode, she doesn't wear her glasses. "Lion 2: The Movie"
"Open Book"
"to the Sword Sworn to the Sword"
Connie wears a sky-blue t-shirt and gray jean shorts. She wears her glasses and peach tennis shoes with a sky-blue visor. "Mirror Gem"
Connie wears a pale yellow t-shirt with a mustard-yellow sun design on it and jean shorts. She wears her glasses and peach tennis shoes. "Ocean Gem"
"Marble Madness"
Connie Maheswaran1
Connie wears a white and mint green dress with a mint green bow at the top. She wears her glasses and yellow knee high socks with peach boots. "Bubble Buddies"
"Fusion Cuisine"
"Full Disclosure"
Connie6 Connie wears a lavender t-shirt with gray jean shorts. She wears her glasses and peach boots without her yellow socks. "Fusion Cuisine"
Connie7 redo
Connie wears a grey shirt with a white high-shoulder blazer and gray dress pants with a lavender belt. She wears her glasses and peach flats.
Connie8 redo
Connie wears a cyan dress with a periwinkle sash tied into a side knot. In one episode, she wears her glasses and blue ballet shoes. "Alone Together"

"We Need to Talk"

Connie wears a sky blue trench coat with white pockets (shaped like cat heads) and cuffs. She also wears a puffy, lavender fur-scarf, lavender gloves, and dark blue stockings. She wears sky blue snow boots to coordinate with her coat. "Winter Forecast"
Connie 10 redo
Connie wears a light-blue night gown with a purple and white collar and a white fringe at the bottom. She doesn't wear her glasses or shoes.
Connie 11 Connie wears a yellow t-shirt and full-body overalls. She doesn't wear her glasses and wears peach tennis shoes with a peach cap turned backwards. "Marble Madness"
Connie 12
Connie wears a dull blue-green dress with a white collar and yellow flats. She's also wearing her glasses.
Connie wears a green dress shirt over a blue shirt with light-blue pants and large brown boots. She also wears a cape, an eye patch, a belt, a glove on her left hand and bandage wrapped around her right arm. "Open Book"
Connie (15)
Connie wears a white and blue-striped shirt with blue jeans and white shoes. Her glasses are hanging from the collar of her shirt. "Love Letters"
Connie wears a white, sleeveless shirt with a collar and button-up neck, blue shorts, peach shoes and a glow bracelet. "Theme Song (season 2)"
Connie STTS
Connie wears a light-blue sleeveless top with a white collar and white buttons that stop above her waist. She also wears a dark blue knee high skirt and white flats. She goes without her glasses. "Sworn to the Sword"
Connie - Sworn to the Sword Model PNG
Connie wears a blue Kalari with a red sash, a bandage on her face and wrapped around right hand, with braided hair. She goes without her glasses.



Steven first saw Connie about a year prior to the start of the series during a parade. He saw her drop her bracelet and decided to keep it in his freezer so he could return it to her one day. She also remembered seeing him on his father's float, mentioning the soap bubbles in his hair. He becomes her first friend, although Connie does sometimes feel like her life is rather mundane compared to Steven's. They are currently good friends, and share a mutual crush as seen in "An Indirect Kiss" and "Alone Together." Steven was even more heavily implied to have a crush on her in "Open Book," and it's also shown that she cares deeply for him in "Full Disclosure" as she repeatedly called and visited him to make sure he was okay, even going as far as to say she wanted to "be a part of [his] universe."

Mr. Maheswaran and Dr. Maheswaran

Connie is very loyal to her parents. While they tend to be strict, they want the best for her, and want her to be smart, orderly and healthy. She closely follows their orders, but does occasionally exploit loopholes or even lies to them to get away with something. In Nightmare Hospital however, Connie revealed to her mother that she was training to sword fight with Steven. Her mother has now become more accepting of this and her friendship with Steven.

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