Connie Wants to be a Boy/Steven Wants to be a Girl
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Theory Information
Author Vérité et Masques
Illustrator Vérité et Masques
Date of Publication August 14, 2015

So being a fusion means giving up your individuality, right? Losing yourself as a person. In which case, why would anyone want to do something like that? I mean, it makes sense for a gem, but for a human? There's no way they'd want to fuse unless they had a motive.

For Steven, it's simple. He wishes he was female, just like his mother, Rose. That way, he can be more useful to the team like she was. Also, since he was female in his previous life, it only stands to reason that he'd wish to female in his current one.

For Connie, it's hard to say. There are all sorts of reasons why Connie would want to be a boy, but the most likely one is that she can be more like Steven. Much like how Steven wants to be more like his hero, Rose, Connie wants to be more like her hero, Steven.

And there you have it. The entire Stevonnie ship and fusion is built on lies. It's likely the two don't even love each other. Stevonnie is just their way of coming closer to being something they can't.

100% Canon, as always.