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Corrupted Gems were Rose Army Theory is now a confirmed theory! Congratulations to the theory's author, Skeke!
Corrupted Gems were Rose Army Theory
Rose Army theory
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Title Corrupted Gems were Rose Army Theory
Author Skeke
Illustrator Skeke
Date of Publication August 12, 2015
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This theory is about what the Corrupted Gems are and why they are in Earth and their relation with Rose.


We know that there are a lot of corrupted Gem Monsters around Earth, but what are they doing here?

They've become corrupted and broken. We have to take care of them, subdue them, contain them. It's the best we can do for them, for now.

Pearl, "Ocean Gem"

In my opinion, Pearl doesn't say like these monsters are real villains, the Crystal Gems are trying to protect these Gems! But why? Were they their friends? Or better, They WERE their friends? If the Crystal Gems see these Gems like a threat they wouldn't contain them in a bubble, they will break the monsters gems!

I accidentally let it out of its bubble, but it didn't even try to hurt me.

—Steven, "Monster Buddies"
Rosearmytheory rooar
Rosearmytheory ohwait

Centipleetle see Steven

But what happened to them? What made these poor gems become corrupted?

In the end, your mother could only save a handful of her closest friends.

—Greg, "The Return"

But they won the war! Save from what?? Does Homeworld have a super weapon to corrupt gems? These monsters around the earth can be who "survived" to the war! They won the battle, they saved Earth, but they paid the price.

This thing that corrupt the gems, is similar to The Cluster.

The Cluster could be a still-on-development more advanced version of the thing that corrupted the Gems. Well, until now:

Rosearmytheory hi

pacific form because the Centipleetle saw that Steven is a friend

Wreck this place! See if I care! I already got what I needed!

—Peridot, "Keeping It Together"

The turn-gems-into-clusters machine/experiment/weapon/thing is READY! So now Yellow Diamond will do something about Peridot's report, but what? EDIT: THE CLUSTER

The final piece was in "Nightmare Hospital", remember they found the mutant on the road. That means near the hospital (if it was far, it would be taken to another hospital), that means near the city where Connie lives (her mother can't work so far), that means near Beach City (looking in "Winter Forecast"). With the research of my The Gem Builds Map, the Prime Kindergarten is way too far from Beach City and the hospital. What all this means?

The gem moved, it walked away from the Kindergarten searching for something. Now let's go back, what the corrupt gems are? Atracted by the Crystal Gems, and what the cluster gems are doing? Following them. The Cluster Gems were former Crystal Gems, and they do the same as the corrupted gems.

Rosearmytheory trauma

Trauma from the war.


My theory is that the corrupted gems around Earth were from Rose Army, and Homeworld somehow corrupted these gems in the war, and Rose could only save some friends with her shield. The Crystal Gems don't break the monsters gems, so probably the monsters are not enemies to them (like Pearl said). The cluster could be "other type" of corrupted gems or some new type of corrupting that Homeworld is testing, but know Peridot may be finished the experiments in "Keeping it Together" and after that, reported all to Yellow Diamond! So, if the monsters were from Rose army, they were part of the Crystal Gems! The monsters are attracted by the Crystal Gems or they just want to get to them because they know the Crystal Gems can heal the monsters! And Make the army again!

EDIT: In the recent episode "Monster Reunion" we saw that Centipleetle was probably corrupted by a blast that is also shown in the episode "Same Old World", when all of the Homeworld army left the planet but probably not Rose's army. Going back to the episode "The Return" when Greg said that Rose could only save few of her friends. The rest got corrupted.

Confimed Theory

In "Monster Reunion" we see that the Corrupting Light made the Crystal Gems (Rose's army) corrupted, along with some few homeworld gems, such as Centipeetle.