Corruption Theory
Reformed Amethyst Unstable Regeneration
Theory Information
Title Corruption Theory
Author Dam Sentinel
Date of Publication May 8, 2015

I believe that in the episode "Reformed", it is explained how gem corruption works, or at least begins. I think the way gems become corrupted or turn into a gem monster is by coming out of their gem and reforming too quickly. I don't think this is every case for each gem I think that it is caused by rushed re-generation and not being who they want to be and slowly losing their minds and identity and not knowing who to be and not wanting to be themselves, almost like an Identity Crisis or amnesia they slowly forget and lose themselves. Therefore turning into a monster or creature and using the word "Corrupted." I can see how certain gem monsters have their gems either have an interesting design or they are unbalanced and non-symmetrical. Maybe because there gem also changed slightly in the corrupted stage. In the war they got damaged and went regenerated too quick to go back and fight so, they became corrupted. But that is what I think about corruption. Thus, my theory.