Confirmed Theory
Force Fusion Theory the Quest for the Ultimate Gem is now a confirmed theory! Congratulations to the theory's author, GeneralObsanite!
Force Fusion Theory the Quest for the Ultimate Gem
Theory Information
Title Force Fusion Theory the Quest for the Ultimate Gem
Author GeneralObsanite
Illustrator GeneralObsanite
Date of Publication 1 July, 2015


Forced Fusion, also known as The Cluster, is a gemstone that is made up of multiple gem fragments forcibly fused together in an unknown manner. The purpose for this is not known.

Peridot stated that some of them were developing early. By this, she most likely meant that "I thought the new gem in progress would have to be fully developed before it would came out and regenerate" (or possibly that their growth had accelerated).

By the sound of Peridot's voice, she was surprised by this early development. Why was she surprised? Well it's most likely her boss and/or bosses told her that the new gem experiments would not regenerate until they had finished the forced fusion process.

Why would they tell her this? Well, it's simple. In a business there are some things you don't tell your employees. The reason being that if you did tell them they might not want to do it. Let's be honest, if you were in Peridot's shoes and your boss/bosses told you that we are going to send you to a planet with rebel gems that want to stop you at any means possible and that the things you are going there to check up on could possibly kill you, would you want to go? Because I know I wouldn't.

It appears they are trying to achieve something similar to that in Pokemon and Sonic, the concept of making life that is far more powerful then it normally is in the form of Shadow and MewTwo. I think this is the plan of gem home world and however is running the operations way of trying to make the Ultimate gems, gems with the Powers and strength of fusions that once "poofed" can reform to their full powerful state instead of having to fuse again.

This would mean the Crystal Gems have a massive problem coming there way since we know Earth is not the only gem controlled planet. Homeworld could already have fully developed forced fusion gems which I will refer to as Mega-Gems, already to go and cause mass destruction under the Rule of Homeworld.

Some ways Force Fusion could be exploited. (Warning some of the research below maybe wrong)


Earth is a small planet with liquid water and solid ground. However, what we are focusing on is Earth's heat and gravity. Earth has 9.807 m/s² and has a averaged temperature of 58.3 degrees Fahrenheit. The gravity is high enough to make Force Fusion gems but not very fast and the temperature of Earth is not high enough to effect the process. However, what if we look at a bigger planet? Maybe a Gas Giant and for all of you that as "That is Stupid you can't go to Gas Giants" to that i say "No Humans cant land on a gas Giant we are talking about Gems".

So for this we well use the biggest and heaviest Planet in our Solar System, Jupiter.


Jupiter has a Gravity mass of 24.79 m/s² and a average temperature of minus 234 degrees Fahrenheit. Like on earth Jupiter's heat will not effect the force fusion's development. However, its gravity is much stronger. For those wondering, well the greater the gravity the faster the gem will develop. "But what's heat got to do with this?" you maybe asking, well, Gems don't all have the same melting point. Some melt in lava, like Pearls, and some don't like Garnets and some can change form while melting while others will reform afterwards like Obsidian, keep in mind this is if Gems have the technology to get under Jupiter's Hydrogen Ocean if so there is a nice Rock/Metal Core Under all the Metallic Hydrogen.

Other Planets

Now for another example:

TrES-2b is a Hot Gas Giant with a Temperature of 1,800° Fahrenheit. This can melt gems like Pearl and Obsidian naturally but not gems like Tanzanite that should stay in a solid form. However. when a melt say Obsidian gem is being forced against it by strong gravity this well force the melted gemstone to materialize faster then normal making a force fusion much faster however it could still take up to Thousands of years.

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Confirmed Theory

It was confirmed in "When it Rains" that the Cluster is a massive forced fusion to a ultimate geo weapon that can destroy the Earth.