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Garnet Will Be Poofed On Homeworld is now a confirmed theory! Congratulations to the theory's author, Cnels488!
Garnet Will be poofed on Homeworld
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Title Garnet Will be poofed on Homeworld
Author Cnels488
Date of Publication October 14th 2018
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Since Season 5 of "Steven Universe" will be ending soon, I've come up with a theory about what will happen to Garnet on Homeworld.


I think that at some point during the final five episodes of Season 5, Garnet will be poofed.


  • When Greg asks Garnet if he should be concerned about them, Garnet says "Steven will be fine". Notice that she only says that Steven will be fine and she sounds unhappy when she says it. That could mean that something bad could happen to her on Homeworld.
  • At the end of "Crossover Nexus" Garnet says to KO "Whatever happens to me, I'll always remember you". Again this could mean that something bad could happen in the future.
  • On a flyer for Steven Universe Fan Expo 2018, Garnet is drawn with a different outfit then the one she currently wears this could also mean that she gets poofed on Homeworld.
  • The rough draft of the promo art for "Steven Universe: Diamond Days" shows Garnet wearing a slightly different outfit.


In the episode "Together Alone", Garnet is poofed when she refuses to listen to the Diamonds, proving this theory to be correct. However, Pearl and Amethyst were also poofed for fusing into Opal to join alongside Garnet, which the consequence had gotten worst with the Crystal Gems falling into victim.