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Disproved Theory
Recently acquired data disproves this theory, Gem Big Bang Theory. We appreciate the attempt.
Gem Big Bang Theory
Galaxy Background
Theory Information
Title Gem Big Bang Theory
Author 1kierr
Date of Publication May 17, 2015

Gem Big Bang Theory (Theory Updated)

Happening long before the events within the Steven Universe Universe, there was a big gem fusion composed of millions of Gems, then suddenly... the fusion breaks, thus, the galaxy was born. Diamond was the only one left since she is the hardest substance, she made a mission to find all the gemstones that are buried everywhere in ever land, planet, and solar systems; to regenerate the gems. Since Diamond was injured extremely, she broke the fusion of three diamonds of the three primary colors, and they are Pink Diamond, Yellow Diamond, and Blue Diamond. She survived the Diamond fusion since she was the hardest and strongest gem/gem fusion of them all. The Diamonds Pink, Light Blue, and light yellow separated and fought each other. They planned to get as many gemstones for their gem army. Until the time comes, they found a very humble, good, beautiful, and healing gem from a pink, pentagon facet gem, and the gem's name was Rose Quartz, she wanted to maintain peace, protect, and heal. She accomplished in protecting Earth, the most simple and beautiful planet that she admire most. Earth was the only surviving planet left that is not Gem Controlled, with the protectors; The Crystal Gems! The other Gemstones are still buried, after billions of years, and when they regenerate, they forgot everything! After thousands of years, they developed many things and evolved

  • Living Planet- means there are still living creatures. Rose loved everything, no matter how gross/ugly it is. She protected Earth because its the only living planet left and almost destroyed. The Dinosaurs died because of the Kindergarten (it destroys all life on Earth- Pearl said 'Marble Madness')and after the Gem War, Everything regenerated.
  • Planets formed because of every different kinds of elements(Hydrogen, Oxygen....) while in a very titan fusion. The gem fusion left many gem waste, created giant bubbles made of different elements, the bubbles created gravity and pushed things inside the bubbles with different elements and formed planets. Every activity of the gem fusion is random. The gem fusion made hot and cold things, from different gems with hot and cold powers. Every waste(formed elements) crashed each other.
  • The Gem Fusion became unstable and exploded, scattering gemstones everywhere, some gemstones broke and some are safe. They were dug and repaired.
  • Gems come from a very random, Far Future, with advanced technology, the gems have different abilities. Everything in future was destroyed because of mad gems, gems became unstable, fused randomly, created chaos, forgot their advanced creator, and the only stable was the strong diamonds, the gem fusion created by mad gems destroyed everything, the whole Universe, and completely destroyed because of exploding. The hardest ones only survived. Every gem forgot everything, and memories mixed. Everything was because of the Future, and it made a new future, new planets, and universe, because of gems created by an unknown thing.


  • The theory states that there are three colored diamonds:
    • Pink-when Red is Lighten
    • Light Blue-when Blue is Lighten
    • Light Yellow-when Yellow is Lighten
    • They are the three Primary Colors that are lighten because Diamonds are transparent.
  • If the theory is true, then it is also possible that Diamonds can fuse to Secondary Colors:
    • Orange-Pink and Yellow Diamond
    • Green-Yellow and Blue Diamond
    • Violet/Purple-Blue and Pink Diamond

Disproved Theory

With the statements of "How are Gems made?" gems don't create things, but are created with the nutrients of the ground. Also this probably would never be confirmed in the show cause its a irrelevant fact to the series.