Pre-Confirmed Theory 1
Pre-Confirmed Theory
Gem Gender Theory is a pre-confirmed theory, which means the fact was already confirmed before the theory was created.
Gem Gender Theory
Theory Information
Author GeneralObsanite
Illustrator GeneralObsanite
Date of Publication 5/3/2015
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Gems' genders are one of the most debated things in Steven Universe. Most people say that the gems are genderless, but there are several evidence to suggest that they are gendermorphic, which means they have the ability to change their sex at will. For example, we know that gems can change any part of their body thanks to Pearl explaining it and Amethyst demonstrating it multiple times.

Therefore, it would be safe to say they can change their sex and gender. Furthermore, most gems that we know of are going for genderless with a pronoun female look (AKA female look). However, we have more evidences that says gems are a gendermorphic race thanks to Rose.

Maximum Capacity Amethyst Greg

Amethyst shapeshifting into Greg

Rose was able to shape-shift a womb in order to bring Steven into the world which means that a gem can be turned into a female. That would mean that if they can also be genderless then they are gendermorphic.

Pre-Confirmed Theory

It's was already confirmed by the creators that Gems are sexless, and they can shapeshift, consequently, the ability to be gendermorphic.