Gem Power
Theory Information
Title Gem Power
Author Yellowlion
Illustrator Yellowlion


Throughout episodes, we see many objects. but some stand out to me, which some are in this gallery. (scroll down for theory)

These objects seem to have gems on or in them (except for the liquid, ill get to that). I believe that Homeworld uses gems for all power sources. A example for this is facet five, and Peridot's ship. in facet five, there is a large object in the middle, that looks similar to a huge, green gem. Gems aren't usually this large, but we have seen that Homeworld can fuse them together. I think that this is a fusion gem, but on a larger scale, but they wont let it out. This goes somewhat along with lapis in the mirror. not a cluster, but the not letting it out part. only another living thing could pull it out so it could come out of the gem. in Friend Ship, pink gems are seen on the wheels, and the lasers. What is really important about this is gems glow when they are summoning weapons. The gems on the wheel and lasers aren't summoning weapons but glow, but they power them because they are not in a physical form to summon it. To support this, when Steven was in danger by holo-pearl, pearl couldn't or didn't summon her weapon out of her regenerating gem. Therefore, it seems as if the pink gems on the wheels and lasers where stuck in them like Lapis Lazuli in the mirror. This comes to Bismuth in the bubble in lion's mane. The injectors seem to have gems on the top, but I prefer to wait for that, since I don't think any gem could plant gems themselves. Bismuth is not trapped in a object, but bubbled. I think that the had the power to create or warp to places, without a warp pad. I also think that Warp pads are made of Bismuth, but by looks this is a no. She was probably on Homeworld's side in the war, and was hard to defeat because of her power. When rose finally defeated her, Rose, being her kind self, didn't shatter her, but bubbled Bismuth. She found lion, or however she met lion, and let bismuth out for a short time to create it, then bubbled her again. The room maybe became her favorite place. The Gem in the pillow in sand would try to create a sand palace, but wouldn't commit completely. I think the gem in pillow was like Lapis in the mirror, not obeying her orders. Lion was maybe watching it because it wasn't cracked, and not weak. The gem destabilizer looks to have a smooth gem on the top. I don't think its a pearl, but another gem. Also, maybe that gem had the power of electricity. This is the last thing to go over. The Liquid in Peridot's escape pod, also the Liquid in the flask robonoids. I think this is a liquidized version of a gem that could heal like rose. If the flask robonoids were using liquidized gem to fix the warp, this relates to the warp pads being gem. My last and finial remark on this is, Maybe the reason the crystal gems are bubbling the corrupted gems is because they are keeping them from being a power source to Homeworld. Please comment below! : )