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Disproved Theory
Recently acquired data disproves this theory, Gem Rankings Armywise Theory. We appreciate the attempt.
Gem Rankings Armywise Theory
Theory Information
Author Badwolf152
Illustrator Badwolf152
Date of Publication June 28, 2015
Crystal Gems


Hello! I am going to say how I think Gems ranking works, back on Homeworld.

Rose Quartz

Gems like Rose who were shield bearers, would advance in front of the infantry to defend them from attackers. If they had healing tears, they were also used as medics. Now we move on to lovely square mom.


Garnet is a fusion of two short, said weak, by Jasper, fusion is a cheap tactic to Make weak gems stronger. I think that jasper doesn't like fusing because her fusions are too monstrous. Gems like Garnet would be the infantrymen.


Amethyst often acts like a barbarian, so I think it's safe to assume she, and others like her, are the barbarian cavalry.


Very through. She acts like a scientist might. Pearl, and other smart gems, are the scientists of home world.

Other Ranks

Jasper acts like a battering ram, her attacks involve charging like a bull. Maybe Jasper, and others, are like homeworlds battering ram.

Peridot is smart, and is in charge of many things that are quite scientific. Which means they might be like lab workers? I'm not sure on that one.

Lapis Lazuli could be like the navy, carrying the troops where they need to go, and giving support from behind. When the worst gets to the worst, they could use water manipulation to recall the troops, or fly to the fight and help out by pulling the enemies into the sea.


Sugilite could be like a wrecking ball, using her flail to knock things down.

Alexandrite could be a distraction, since we dont know much about her.

Stevonnie could use the Rose sword and Shield to defend and offense periodically.

Sardonyx can use her war hammer to break things, but still be strategic unlike Sugilite.

- Badwolf152

Disproved Theory

Since the gem ranks we know are wrong, for now this theory is disproved.