Gem Weapon and Ranking Theory
Theory Information
Title Gem Weapon and Ranking Theory
Author Gemmaniac
Date of Publication May 15th

Remember a theory about Rose being Pink Diamond? Well, after watching this video, I have made a theory. That, what if, all Diamonds have some sort of shield for a weapon? that when combined, can make the ultimate weapon that kills off all life, and i might be wrong. So here's my second theory, so if my first theory is incorrect- here's my second one that supports the backfire of the first one: Rose might be the second ranking gem, kind of like Jasper. Something like an apprentice to their masters or lords. So Rose might be working for Pink Diamond, not is. (And I was thinking that she also made up the Crystal Gems and gave the group to Rose.) - So that's why she and Jasper's "weapons" are similar. Shield like- or maybe something that is able to protect their fellow members (or themselves) from opposing forces. Then comes the smart technicians, Pearls, previously. But now after Peridots were invented, nothing in Homeworld is as it is previous of millenia ago. and for Lapis Lazuli, I guess Blue Diamond handles all the "strong elemental gems" so i think that there are other gems that control elements (kind of like avatar, lol) but seriously, i think that's it. Tell me what you think (sorry if any of these doesn't make sense cus' I was listening to music while thinking and writing this).