Gem regeneration clothes Theory
Pearl changing
Theory Information
Title Gem regeneration clothes Theory
Author Gemmaniac
Date of Publication May 19th, 2015
My 2nd theory indicates the involvement of the gems' costumes/clothes/ (whatever you call it) having something to do with their upcoming battle and or power.

I think that every time a Gem regenerates, as they not only appear taller, but also stronger of some sort. Kind of like the hit T.V series from 2003 (On Nickelodeon)- Winx. Where fairies gain new forms after doing a certain task/(gems) after "dying" horribly. So I imagined that when the time comes to their battle with Yellow Diamond, they will all have regenerated the third time (not Steven), as Steven has improved his sword wielding by a lot along with summoning his shield. The gems will have these cool military-like uniforms, such as....(my avatar/profile picture) of Amethyst.

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