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Disproved Theory
Recently acquired data disproves this theory, Gems, warriors?. We appreciate the attempt.
Gems, warriors?
Theory Information
Title Gems, warriors?
Author Jacob.cinnamon
Date of Publication 23 September, 2015


It is common place to the fandom the notion that Gemkind is a expansionist, belligerent race, and, due to this militaristic philosophy, bedrock of warriors. Is it so self-evident once we ponderate on it?


The idea of Gemkind being essentially violent and militaristic is well spread, and not without a reason:

1. Rose Quartz's rebellion was motivated from a disagreement over Homeworld's policy on its colonies, as, at least for one of them, it was indifferent to the harm Homeworld's actions would inflict on native lifeforms.
2. Both Pearl and Jasper, separately, demonstrate fascination on discussions and depictions of battles.
3. All protagonists have a signature weapon.
4. The Crystal Gems never show quasm towards armed conflict (well, they appeared disturbed in Warp Tour and subsequent episodes by the prospect of an uncoming battle with Homeworld agents, so it'd be better phrased as "never show quasm towards armed conflict they can win").

It certainly seems a closed case, until we challenge these assertions.

1'. We're only told of these events by the Crystal Gems, which, as opposition, aren't quite reliable for completely understanding those events.
2'. "Pearl and Jasper" is a fraction of our already small set. Indutively assert from an entire race based on a small, selected sample can hardly be accurate. Nevertheless, in Rose's Scabbard Garnet demonstrated herself uneasy with her recollections from the battlefield.
3'. Yes, all Crystal Gems have a signature weapon; however, the same cannot be said for the Homeworld Gems. Neither Lapis Lazuli nor Peridot have so far appeared with theirs (hydrokinesis and wings have other applications than solely combat, so can't be taken as weapons, and Peridot has only used gadgets, not a signature, summonable weapon as those portrayed).
4'. Being frequently exposed to violence for about five thousand years may turn someone insensible over it. Still, they do seen affected when assalted by the thought that they are fighting fallen fellow Gems.

This thesis doesn't seem that solid anymore. Is there any positive evidence for its opposite? Nothing that solid, as well.

In Sworn to the Sword, Pearl, singing, mentions that Connie may feel that she "wasn't made for fighting". As that song's concept was Pearl projecting herself in Connie, we could assume that, when first training, Pearl had a similar thought for herself. A Gem not being supposed to be a warrior disproves any notion that all Gems are warriors, and implies that their signature weapons aren't necessarly inherently related to their Gemstones, as it is unlikely that a something not meant to fight naturally is equipped with a weapon.

In Keep Beach City Weird, Ronaldo and his brother exchange these lines:
Peedee: "But there is more! Steven is just... a small piece of the puzzle! Look it this! I think its gotta be... level 8 beings pulling the strings".
Ronaldo: "Get real, Peedee. Level 8 beings are a worker society incapable of such organization... wait a minute! How did I never see this before? I know what the diamond means...Polymorphic sentient rocks!"

As we can see, Ronaldo linked his observations with "Level 8 beings", which led him, somehow, to the phrase "polymorphic sentient rocks". As he never divulged his reasoning (except by pondering the damages casually inflicted in Beach City and concluding that the Crystal Gems are dangerous), we can't be sure of what he meant by that nor how he came to this conclusion. However, it should be noted that, although he didn't simply accept Steven and the Crystal Gems as an ultimate answer, he was satisfyied by the conclusion of "polymorphic space rocks", which appears to be a reference to Gemkind. As his reaction to this conclusion differs from his reaction to "Steven and the Crystal Gems", we can infer that he wasn't directly referencing them, but their species. He came to this conclusion by the mention of "level 8 beings", which he defined as "a working society". If we can make a case for "level 8 beings" as some terminology for Gems...

Regardless, more food for thought than a valid theory.

Disproved Theory

This theory was disproved in "Back to the Barn" when we learn that Pearl are made to serve, and not all Gemkind were made to fight.