Gems as Power Units
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Theory Information
Author MechaPeridot
Illustrator MechaPeridot
Date of Publication May 16, 2015‎

Gems as Power Units


In the episode "Mirror Gem", I learned that Pearl had in her possession a Gem powered mirror that showed things that it had seen/recorded in the past. We later found out that the gem, Lapis Lazuli, was trapped inside the mirror against her will.


What I am going to talk about is why gems may be used as power sources using what we already know and what is most likely to be true based off of what we know.

So, first off I want to explore why Lapis had cracks in her Gem when she was in the mirror. I have two theories for this first part.

  1. Lapis was trapped inside the mirror because her gem was cracked, which mostly happened after Rose left the DA meaning there would have been nobody to heal her after Rose left.
  2. Lapis was trapped inside the mirror because she was asking questions that the Diamonds didn't like questioning why they where on Earth to begin with, Lapis is not a weak gem; even Pearl herself said she was powerful. The Diamonds themselves would have most likely put her in the mirror to stop her from joining Rose and her army.

It is very likely that both the theories are true and if a Gem cracks on home-world they use said Gem as a power source or if a gem turns against the Diamonds, they would imprison said Gems into objects like a mirror or other Gem tech that would need power sources.

That is what I think anyway. What do you think?

Triangle temple

An example of a Gem-powered unit.