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Disproved Theory
Recently acquired data disproves this theory, Homeworld Logo Theory. We appreciate the attempt.
Homeworld Logo Theory
Jail Break Ship Symbol
Theory Information
Author 1kierr
Illustrator 1kierr
Date of Publication May 10, 2015
This theory explains the meaning of all the Homeworld's signature and their corresponding symbols through the guide of the following pictures.


  • Others say that the logo is colored Blue, Yellow, and White. But actually, when you zoom, its colored Light Pink.
  • When you mix the color yellow with:
    • Yellow+Blue=Green(Peridot)
    • Yellow+Red=Orange(Jasper)
    • This could possibly be the reason why the two of them have Yellow Diamonds on their outfit.

Disproved Theory

This theory was disproved in the episode "It Could've Been Great" when we see that the three/four diamonds symbol refers only at the diamonds, and not any other gem.