Pre-Confirmed Theory 1
Pre-Confirmed Theory
Homeworld Ranking Theory is a pre-confirmed theory, which means the fact was already confirmed before the theory was created.
Homeworld Ranking Theory
[[Rose's Scabbard Pearl Servant|250px]]
Theory Information
Author YellowFreakingDiamond
Illustrator YellowFreakingDiamond
Date of Publication October 13, 2015

Ok, so we have the promo for Too Far. It gave us a lot of information on Amethyst gems. Back To The Barn gave us a lot of information on Pearl gems. Although since Too Far, we know that if Amethyst was the size she was supposed to be, she would've led the Crystal Gems when Rose died.

Pearls - Servants

You were made to take orders, not to give them!


In Back To The Barn, Peridot confirms that Pearls are servants on Homeworld.

Peridots - Engineers/Technicians

Peridot states that Peridot Gems are Engineers in Back To The Barn. "A Peridot with a Pearl, what would they say on Homeworld?"

Peridot seems to laugh at this quote from herself, I think that means Peridots are a bit higher up than you think. Pearls are presumably on the bottom of the hierarchy.

Garnet/Fusions - ???

Even though Peridot has never stated any information on Fusion Gems in Steven Universe, she does say that gems like Garnet should be ranked lower than Amethyst if she was full size.

Amethysts - Soldiers

It appears that in Too Far, Peridot says that she would be the leader of the team if she was full size. Although, Amethyst was an "overcooked" gem. Peridot says "The exit marks look 500 years newer than every other hole". This explains that Jasper says "Puny, overcooked runt" at a first glance at Amethyst. Presumably, Jasper is as tall as Rose Quartz. Jasper, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst are all a type of quartz. Would Quartz gems suppose to be huge/near the size of Rose? I'm not exactly sure, but the way Peridot put it, it seems that they would be that size.

Diamond Authority - Leaders

These are the leaders of Homeworld.

Pre-Confirmed Theory

Since the most ranks info we know were added after being confirmed by the show in its specific episode, this theory was already confirmed.