Confirmed Theory
Homeworld Symbol Theory is now a confirmed theory! Congratulations to the theory's author, Skeke!
Homeworld Symbol Theory
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Theory Information
Author Skeke
Illustrator Sharayna
Date of Publication July 19th, 2015
Source Skeke Steven Universe Wiki User Blog
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This theory is about the Homeworld Symbol, its origin and how its been used and how was changed along time.


In "Sworn to the Sword", we saw the four diamond shape. In the last episode, "Friend Ship", I noticed the same symbol on the ancient ship, that means both are from the same source. As Pearl said, that vessel is from Homeworld, that symbol is from Homeworld, so the Ancient Sky Arena was affiliated with Homeworld too. But could this have something related with the tri-force symbol seen at the Pyramid Temple and on the Gem Warship? Well the colors are the same but the 4-colors symbol are ancient, and the others like the Pyramid Temple and the Gem Warship not. The symbol changed.

Homeworld Symbol Theory

Confirmed Theory

This theory was confirmed in the episode "It Could've Been Great" where Peridot stats that this is the symbol of the Great Diamond Authority (consequently Homeworld).