Homeworld Terms Theory
Too Far Touch Stomps
Theory Information
Title Homeworld Terms Theory
Author Qnomei
Illustrator Qnomei
Date of Publication October 9, 2015

Alright, so we know from Peridot that Homeworld Gems act different and use different words than humans or the Crystal Gems do. She calls Steven "Pebble", for instance, as an insult. In an earlier episode, Garnet used the word "Janked". In the newest preview for Too Far, we find out that Peridot has many interesting terms for parts of the body, but still calls a butt a butt. So, As I scour the transcripts of the episodes, I will make a list of known examples here.

Steven Universe - Too Far (Sneak Peek)

Steven Universe - Too Far (Sneak Peek)

List of Gem Terms and Swear Words

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Gem Terms Translation "Swear Words"
Gravity Connectors

Limb Enhancers

Scent Sponge

Touch Stumps

Vision Sphere

Rhythmatic Pulverizer

Leverage Optomizer


Mechanical Limbs






  • Notes:
    • Peridot refers to her "Gravity Connector" simply as her "Foot" in Catch and Release.


There's at least one good explanation for why Homeworld has these terms and the Crystal Gem's don't.

  • Gems have functionally immortal bodies, so they don't need to speak in a concise manner. They have all the time in the world to explain something, so there's no reason for brevity.

In addition, they obviously have a culture that we only saw glimpses of before. Their ways will be more clear as Peridot becomes part of the team. It's clear that the Crystal Gems get their vocabulary from interaction with humans such as Greg. It's possible that he even taught them about humans more than anyone else because of his relationship with Rose.