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Disproved Theory
Recently acquired data disproves this theory, ISG's Yellow Diamond Theory. We appreciate the attempt.

ISG's Yellow Diamond Theory
Diamond authority
Theory Information
Author ISlendyGlowstone
Illustrator ISlendyGlowstone
Date of Publication August 9, 2015


We all know Yellow Diamond has been mentioned twice in the series, and everyone is theorizing about the other diamonds. BUT... What if Yellow Diamond is the only diamond on homeworld currently? Everyone thinks Diamonds have different weapons, but I believe they all have swords and shields.

Anyway, on with the theory! The story begins a long long time ago, when Homeworld first colonized the Earth. Kindergartens were the wave of the future. There were three diamonds who agreed to place kindergartens on Earth, Yellow, Blue, and White. But there was one diamond who did not like the idea, Pink Diamond. One day she shut down all of the kindergartens on Earth. It was good they were only functional for three days, or the world would be a hollow shell. The remaining diamonds were furious, and banished Pink Diamond From Homeworld and the authority. She took off her Bismuth, which is the pyramid that makes a gem a diamond, and changed her name to Rose Quartz, before she left she gathered a huge team of gem rebels and the war began it was between Rose Quartz and the Diamond Authority. After the war, the rebels won, and Blue Diamond was taken of her bismuth, and carved into Lapis Lazuli, who was then trapped in a Mirror. Hundreds of years later, Yellow Diamond Grew an obsession for power. Which caused her to carve White diamond, and banish her to earth, but she forgot her bismuth. Diamonds: where are they now? Pink diamond formed the crystal gems, and nabbed back her bismuth, and bubbled it to put in her pocket dimension, which is now in Lion, her corrupt physical form, she later gave birth to Steven, and went into her corrupt physical form, this means if Steven puts on Rose's Bismuth, he will become Diamond Steven, an equivalent to pink diamond Blue Diamond is now fused with Jasper at the bottom of the ocean, and her bismuth is still on homeworld, but being used by yellow diamond who now has 2 bismuths. White diamond then Married Mr. Maheswaran, and reproduced with him. She and him made Connie, who was only 25% gem, white diamond gave up her physical form, and Mr. Maheswaran Remarried Dr. Maheswaran, he just never told her or Connie that he was 1st married with White Diamond. Later in the series, all the things Connie does with Steven will make her more gem, and when her gem is Visible, Dr, Maheswaran will demand a divorce, and Connie will train with Steven. Yellow Diamond remains on homeworld, She had 2 bismuths, her's and blue diamond's. She kept the other 2 diamonds on for vanity. Yellow diamond will debut someday.

Disproved Theory

Is shown that Blue and Yellow Diamond are still alive. Also, the characters status are disproved.