Jasper Theory
Theory Information
Title Jasper Theory
Author Sticks the Badger
Illustrator Sticks the Badger
Date of Publication August 3, 2015


This is where they've been. All the ones we couldn't find. They've been here the whole time!

Garnet, "Keeping it Together"

Many have speculated Jasper is a Cluster or "fusion experiment". Well...


And tons of WRONG. They were an experiment during the war, and they developed after the war. It takes a substantial amount of time for crystal clusters to form. Peridot checked on them at least 5,000 years later. Jasper should've been found with the other Clusters in "Keeping it Together".

Clusters generally can't take on proper forms, due to the method of "fusion", instead appearing as deformed and disproportional. Furthermore, most Clusters are Gem Shards, which can only generate minimal body parts. My Cheeto should have four arms!