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Keep Beach City Weird is a blog on Tumblr owned by Ronaldo Fryman. He uses it to catalog strange events in the "Beach City Underground." He first mentioned it in "Cat Fingers", when he took and posted a photo which appeared when he was at Fish Stew Pizza.


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Ronaldo photo from the Space Hand

Ronaldo's blog has been the site of more than one theories that have come to life, the most notable one being the Great Diamond Authority. Some other events Ronaldo has cataloged not knowing of Gem involvement include:

  • Steven's Cat Fingers
  • Destruction of the Teacups in Funland
  • Steven's Pet Lion
  • Destruction of the video game "Teens of Rage"
  • G.U.Y.S. Made by a Replicator Wand
  • Rose's Magic Moss Flowers
  • Fish Stew Pizza's Sign Destruction
  • Sugilite's Arrival at Beach City
  • Centipeetle Mother's Acid Chips
  • Fences around the Lighthouse
  • Ocean's Disappearance
  • Pearl's Attempt to Leave Earth
  • Great Diamond Authority
  • Watermelon Autopsies
  • Koala Princess (Indirect Reference)
  • Peridot's Robonoid
  • Stevonnie's Existence
  • Lighthouse Haunting
  • StevenBomb
    • Gem Warship and its Destruction
  • Crossover (Indirect Reference)
  • Guitar Dad "Alien"
  • Rising Tides/Crashing Skies
  • Peridot's "Eco-Terrorism"


  • The blog was created on September 19, 2013, less than two months before the official premiere of "Steven Universe" November 4, 2013.
  • The blog's name is similar to an unofficial slogan for Austin, Texas: Keep Austin Weird (or the similar "Keep Portland Weird" for the city in Oregon)
  • Almost every time a new episode premieres, a new blog post relating to it is posted on this blog.