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Disproved Theory
Recently acquired data disproves this theory, Kindergarten was a project of Yellow Diamond. We appreciate the attempt.
Kindergarten was a project of Yellow Diamond
Extended Theme Spoky Scary Diamonds
Theory Information
Author Skeke
Illustrator Skeke
Date of Publication November 1, 2015
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This theory talks about Yellow diamond and her relation with Kindergarten.


(When I say Kindergarten I mean the underground chambers, because Facet Five don't have a global name yet.)

We know Kindergarten, we know Yellow Diamond, so how to put these too things together?

The Kindergarten obviously was a project made by Homeworld, but why only by Yellow Diamond specifically?

We know two things with the 4 square symbol, the Ancient Sky Arena, and the Ancient Sky Ship. The Kindergarten has a symbol, but only from Yellow Diamond. In "Marble Madness" and "When It Rains" the hand pillar is shown with Yellow Diamond symbol, the same way that Rose's Secret Armory have the Crystal Gems symbol. Also the Facet Five entrance has a yellow diamond on its floor center.

Marble Madness Facet Five Pillar

The pedestal with Yellow Diamond symbol.

The other thing that reaffirms this theory is the Peridot's mission. First, look at Peridot outfit, it has the Yellow Diamond symbol, and when she came with reinforcement, Jasper, she was with the Yellow Diamond symbol too (Lapis not because she was forced to be informant to Peridot as seen in "The Return" because of Peridot report after "Marble Madness").
Marble Madness Facet Five entrace

The entrace with a yellow diamond in the middle.

That's why in "Cry for Help" she ask for help only to Yellow Diamond, and not to Homeworld or The Great Diamond Authority, that's why only Yellow Diamond appears at the extended theme as a villain, that's why Peridot works in the Kindergarten, and Peridot and Jasper have Yellow Diamond symbol on their clothes!

Maybe this project is only from Yellow Diamond because the other Diamonds didn't agree with this.