Lapis Lazuli's Powers and Abilities
Lapis is not pleased
Theory Information
Author JinxBinx
Illustrator JinxBinx
Date of Publication 5/12/2015
Publication Order
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So, I've been thinking, why was Lapis stuck in that mirror. Lapis was stuck in the mirror by other Gems, and Pearl was the one who had trapped her in the mirror. But why would Lapis be trapped like that?

My thought is that Lapis got so powerful, and Homeworld didn't want Lapis going against them, so they trapped her in a mirror to keep her contained. It failed, however, ever since Steven freed Lapis, but looking at what Lapis can do even with a CRACKED gem, it is pretty easy to think that this is probably what happened.

As we saw in Mirror Gem/ Ocean Gem, Lapis could take the entire Earth's ocean and use it for her own good, and She could also make perfect water constructs based off the Gems, and if she hadn't listened to Steven, and Steven heal her gemstone, Lapis more then likely would have become unstoppable on a planet made of 70% water.

Since Steven is her "beach summer fun buddy" however, Lapis thanked Steven, and left for Homeworld, then we see Lapis fuse with Jasper to keep Steven safe, So in seeing that amount of power from Lapis, not only from her Hydrokinesis, but her loyalty and caring for Steven, I can safely assume that Lapis is a very powerful gem.