Lapis Mirror Theory
Mirror Gem
Headcanon Information
Title Lapis Mirror Theory
Author Sticks the Badger
Illustrator Sticks the Badger
Date of Publication August 9, 2015
Was it Rose Quartz? Blue Diamond?!


We found this gem-powered mirror at the Galaxy Warp. It can capture and display any event it's witnessed in all of Gem history.

Pearl, "Mirror Gem"

Lapis Lazuli was imprisoned in a mirror for unknown reasons. Her gem was used as a power source for the mirror. She was an object that recorded Gem history and culture witnessed in the reflective side.


You three knew I was in there, and you didn't do anything. Did you even wonder who I used to be?!

Lapis Lazuli, "Mirror Gem"

She was simply imprisoned and abandoned at the Galaxy Warp, eventually to be found by the Crystal Gems. She, presumably, hoped they would set her free. Albeit...


How could I have known the Gem contained in that mirror would be so powerful?

Pearl, "Ocean Gem"

Yeah. Pearl implies they had known nothing about Lapis upon her discovery (although they were aware a Gem was within it). They didn't want to take any chances, due to the previous war.

Don't you know anything, Steven? Your friends, they don't really care about other Gems. All they care about is the Earth. But I never believed in this place...

Lapis Lazuli, "Ocean Gem"

But the question is, why? Why are you a prisoner, Lapis Lazuli? Lapis was likely a soldier (on Homeworld's behalf) and imprisoned by Crystal Gems for obvious reasons (which could explain her disdain for them).


Blueberry's redeemable.