Lapis and the Gems
Mirror Gem Lapis and the Gems
Theory Information
Title Lapis and the Gems
Author Sechelf.Ghost.2.0
Illustrator Sechelf.Ghost.2.0
Date of Publication August 26, 2015

Lapis and the Gems is a theory about the Gems and Lapis Lazuli. The evidences can be seen in the episodes "Mirror Gem", "Ocean Gem" and "Jail Break".


When Pearl showed Steven the Mirror in which she was trapped and when Steven was trying to make the Mirror do something in front of the gems, she refused to work. Later, she named the Gem ,traitors of the Homeworld. Then, when trapped the Gem Warship, she said that if they'll don't try to defeat them, the punishment wouldn't be so painful. These imply that in the past was a connection between her, the Gems, and punishment.

She was part of the Crystal Gems and fought together with them. Her ideal was saving the Homeworld from corruption.But when the enemies were much many than the team could handle, they ran to save their lives, rather than fight. So Lapis tried fight them, but failed sand the punishment was crashing her gemstone, then trap her into the Mirror. The fact that the Gems fled on Earth made her to name them, "traitors".

She didn't showed such anger to Steven, because she thinks that because she he is young, he doesn't know what he does by fighting with Gems. Because the real allies were enemies in her mind, she sided with the real villains.

In the end, she realized who's who, and sacrificed herself by drowning fused with Jasper, to save the world and the gems.