Lion Was Greg's Cat
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Title Lion Was Greg's Cat
Author Amethystkitten
Illustrator Amethystkitten
Date of Publication October 13th 2014
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Hello everyone, it is I Amethystkitten and I have yet another theory for you...


My theory today is, what if Lion was Greg's cat? This may sound far-fetched but keep reading, I have some evidence to support my theory


First and foremost let's look at the very first episode of Steven Universe "Gem Glow." In this episode Steven is distraught because they have stopped making his favourite ice cream sandwich, Cookie Cats, because people have stopped buying them. Then it is revealed that Cookie Cats have been replaced by Lion Lickers. Knowing the writers of the show, this may be some foreshadowing that a cat has been replaced by a lion.

Now let's look at "Laser Light Cannon." When Steven decides to search his dad's storage shed for Rose Quartz's Light Canon it is shown that there are a lot of pictures of cats in the shed. This may mean that...

  1. Greg had a cat at some point during his lifetime
  2. Greg likes cats for some particular unknown reason

The objects Rose kept tucked away inside Lion

This would explain why in Rose's Scabbard Pearl was completely unaware Rose ever had a lion. My theory is that Greg had a cat and when he met Rose she took a liking to it. Then later likely after Rose made the tape for Steven in "Lion 3:Straight to Video" she transformed Greg's lion into a cat and thus put the stuff she wanted to leave for gems in him. She needed a safe space to keep her personal belongings once she was gone and so that only Steven could access them hence the creation of Lion.

Cookie Cat

A Cookie Cat, which was replaced in first episode by Lion Lickers

If Pearl really was Rose's sole confident and did everything for her, it would be pretty difficult to hide the presence of a lion versus a cat is much easier to keep a secret. Especially since Lion is clearly not trained, controlling him around Pearl would have been almost impossible for Rose.

Then in "Nightmare Hospital" and "Lion 3: Straight to Video" it was revealed that Lion has a taste for Lion Lickers as they were used as a distraction (in "Nightmare Hospital") and he (Lion) pressed his nose to freezer containing them (in "Lion 3").


Images (2)

Steven exploring Greg's storage shed and encountering a cat painting

Overall, I have concluded that Lion may have once been Greg's pet cat. It may seems a bit farfetched but the show has many ominous signs that point me towards this conclusion.

Please leave me some feedback on what you think of this theory.