The following list is a list of foreshadowings from Steven Universe.

"Gem Glow"

  • Cookie Cat
    The lyrics of the song "Cookie Cat " seem to foreshadow the history of the Crystal Gems . For example, both leave their home-planets in order to partake in an "Interstellar War".It also foreshadow Pink Diamond is Rose Quartz as the lyrics 'He left his family behind' imply, just like how Pink left the other diamonds for the Earth
  • Garnet has two gems, this foreshadowed how she is a fusion as revealed in "Jail Break"

"Giant Woman"

  • In the song, the line "But if it were me, I'd really wanna be a giant woman" may have foreshadowed when Steven and Connie formed Stevonnie in "Alone Together".

"On The Run"

  • While Amethyst and Pearl are fighting in the Kindergarten, a song entitled Defective plays in the background. This makes sense as both Pearl and Amethyst have been confirmed as defective in "Back to the Barn" and "Too Far" respectively.

"Maximum Capacity"

  • When Steven witnesses Amethyst shape shift into Rose, the TV goes static when he is shocked. This foreshadows how the same thing happens with his mother in "We Need to Talk" when the music stops playing when Rose gets upset. It is possible that they both have electrolysis.

"Political Power"

  • The static variation of the Ending Theme foreshadow the arrival of the Homeworld Gems in the next episode.


  • Steven is taking a Crying Breakfast Friends! personality quiz. He takes it reveal he resembles Sniffling Croissant and points out that Garnet, Greg, and Pearl are Spilled Milk, Pining Grapefruit and Weeping Egg Cup respectively. It is thought that each Crying Breakfast Friend represents a character in the show.

"Sworn to the Sword"

  • During Pearl's song Do it for Her, she sings the line "♫ Deep down you know, you weren't built for fighting but that doesn't mean you're not prepared to try! ♫". This foreshadows how Pearl herself is not built for fighting in fact, she is built to be a servant as confirmed in "Back to the Barn".

"Cry for Help"

  • The Crying Breakfast Friends! episode in "Cry for Help" is about Crying Pear lying to Sad Spoon, which upsets her. This foreshadows Pearl's lies later in the episode, further showing the symbolic use of the cartoon.
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