Living Weapons Theory
Pearl10alt by shortsista-d7j161p
Theory Information
Title Living Weapons Theory
Author Erebus Elysium
Illustrator shortsista
Date of Publication August 12, 2015
Source shortsista Deviantart


This theory is about the idea that the Gem species was originally created by a different alien species as geological weapons.


My theory states that the Gems were originally made as an artificial species meant as living weapons (like the Xenomorphs from Alien) that eventually gained proper sentience and became their own civilization. Lets sit down and analyze the Gem species in general.

  • They do not need food or water survive, a perk that also removes some basic biological priorities (i.e. bathroom). While they do need rest they do not need sleep in order to function at full capacity. They do not need to breath, giving them the ability to survive underwater, in the air-less vacuum of space and other uninhabitable terrain. They do not age or break down in a sense like organic species do. Their lack of basic necessities make them all but perfect for survival on their own.
  • They cannot be killed. While Pearl said that Gems could get hurt and die in "So Many Birthdays", the closest thing Gems have to getting killed is for their gemstones to be shattered. Even then, it is shown that the gemshards can still manifest their respective Gems (all be it as disembodied limbs) in both "Secret Team" and "Keeping it Together."
  • They have the power to summon a weapon at will. Normally animal species evolve to form horns and venom and other natural defenses, but not that of medieval weapons like whips, swords, and axes.
  • Their incredibly diverse range of superpowers. While diversity is common in the human race (skin color, hair color, certain anatomical differences), this is going a little far. It can be minor things from Pearl's ability to store objects in a small pocket dimension in her Gem to Sapphire's future vision and Lapis' near-godlike hydrokinetic potential (even with her Gem cracked). Many of these abilities imply less basic tools of survival in an environment as one would see in a natural earth animal and more in conveniance and traits made for "domination over survival". I know some will start thinking "but what about the Mutants from Marvel?" Well if you look into it, it is shown that the X-gene that creates mutants, inhumans and various other superhuman minorities were caused by human experimentation by the Celestials back in the Stone Age. ... wow. I am such a nerd. Anyway...
  • Injector Beter Vector

    Gem Injector

    In-canon artificial reproduction. While it is shown that Gems are capable of reproduction like in the case of Greg and Rose Quartz, it is stated by the creators that it was a trick via shapeshifting. We see that Gems are created through Injectors, large virus-like machines that create Gems using the soil. This begs the question of when the Gem race even started, and how and by what...

The Gems have shown to not only possess that ability to perform basic necessities (eating, sleeping, etc.) but can also have similar natural defense mechanisms (like when Amethyst got food poisoning after eating that really old burrito). They also bare a striking resemblance to the human female, referring to each other with female pronouns despite only possessing a single gender; since, when you are immortal, reproduction isn't really a priority now is it?


Odds are, their common anatomies were loosely based off of the species that created them (and if Star Trek and Power Rangers have taught me anything, it is that finding human-like species from other planets is both plausible and expected) including an independent intelligence and the spectrum of emotions that came with it. Because of this free will and independence, they broke off from their creators (whether by war or diplomacy) and, after a few million years, developed their own galactic empire-civilization that we see today, increasing their numbers at the expense of other planets. Such free will would have led to a rebellion such as the one Rose Quartz, and emotional spectrum would have led to certain religious and cultural signifigance (fusion being considered intimate, the elaborate designs and murals found in the various temples seen in the show, the "Moon Goddess Statue", etc).