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Disproved Theory
Recently acquired data disproves this theory, Malachite's Personality. We appreciate the attempt.

I'm not Lapis anymore... We're Malachite now.

Lapis Lazuli, "Chille Tid"
Malachite's Personality
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Theory Information
Author Sticks the Badger
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Date of Publication December 18, 2015

Malachite is the Fusion of the tragic Lapis, and the ruthless Jasper. Like Garnet says, these two are REALLY BAD FOR EACH OTHER, so much so that we see both Lapis and Jasper are fighting for control of their new form. Malachite has been the third Gem to be fused longer than a small amount of time, and can be having similar results as Sugilite. As time progressed, Sugilite’s personality started to take hold, basically overshadowing Garnet and Amethyst and becoming her own Gem. This is something Garnet even states after unfusing and both Amethyst and herself were worn out and exhausted. This is a state we've seen in both Lapis and Jasper as they fight for control. Control that would seem may have been lost to both.

At the end of "Chille Tid", both Jasper and Lapis have lost control and Malachite's own personality has taken hold. It ends on a chilling note with Lapis refusing the name Lapis and proclaiming that they are Malachite now. This is further proven in Malachite's Realm, as both Lapis and Jasper fell below the water while the notable figure of Malachite herself rose up over both. The last words we hear from Lapis is Malachite shouting "GO!", but the facial expression we saw of Malachite did not seem like either Lapis or Jasper. However, what will be the personality birthed from mistrust and anger? Who will Malachite be, and how will she fit in the long story? How do you think Malachite will be?

The Monster at Sea

But, a fusion like theirs is unstable, bound together by anger and mistrust. If that bond snaps, their anger will take over, and destroy.

Garnet, "Chille Tid"
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Being unstable, Malachite may become a Corrupted Gem similar to the Gems we see the Crystal Gems fight against on multiple occasions. This may also lead to a physical mutation, as Corrupted Gems seldom look anything like humans or "default" Gem forms. It's relevant that Corrupted Gems tend to lie or create a nesting ground in their surroundings, so we might see corrupted Malachite create an Atlantis-like area on the sea floor. In a homage to old sea movies, Malachite may become animal-like with no other sense other than survival. This means that she will most likely become territorial and, to show dominance, begin to attack anything she deems a threat.

The Sad Tale of Malachite

I'm done being everyone's prisoner. Now you're my prisoner! And I'm never letting you go!

Malachite, "Jail Break"
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Sugilite is brash and careless. Sardonyx is stylish and efficient (among other things, according to her). Garnet herself is confident yet calm. Malachite is formed from rage and mistrust from Jasper and Lapis Lazuli. How would these key personality traits form in a Fusion?

Self hatred.

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Fusions tend to be self aware of the primary purpose they were created. Jasper wanted revenge while Lapis wanted to deceive. Malachite will know the terms of her creation: that she shouldn't be and that the parts that created her are in a literal internal struggle. (In their last moments, Jasper is trying to unfuse, while Lapis is trying to keep the Fusion together.) Take into account Lapis' sorrow past and Jasper's rage. Malachite will view herself as a monster, and have depressive traits and will hate what she was made as. This can her cause emotional, spiritual, and even physical pain.

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Malachite not wanting to be and perhaps even wanting to unfuse to stop feeling how she is feeling and ceasing to exist may lead to a metaphorical discussion of depression and even suicidal thoughts. The show has dived into similar topics such as unexpected/mistaken birth in "On the Run", feeling emotionally neglected in "Tiger Millionaire", the results of using people/friends for own personal gain/pleasures in "Cry for Help", and even the concept of mortality in "Future Vision".

Disproved Theory

This theory was disproved in "Super Watermelon Island", where we can see that Malachite did not take control felt something or had a self-personality like Sugilite, and Lapis was holding on until she and Jasper decide to destroy the three Crystal Gems together.