Kindergartens on Mars Theory
Theory Information
Title Kindergartens on Mars Theory
Author GeneralObsanite
Date of Publication 15/05/2015

Theory Story

Ok, so Mars is currently a dead planet that scientists believed contained life on it in the past. What if in the world of Steven Universe, Mars was used to make more gems and that there were multiple Kindergartens on Mars?

When Rose saw what happened to Mars, she promised herself that she would never let it happen again, which is why she rebelled on Earth after recognizing that the Diamonds only wanted power and a greater army.

So, with this in mind, it would make sense for Mars to be inactive and may become a part of the story in the future. For example, Steven could ask Pearl if she had ever been to Mars. Pearl could respond with something like "Oh Steven, I remember when there was life on Mars. It was a very active world with lots of plant life and creators", then she would most likely stop herself remembering why there is no life on Mars anymore.

Evidence to back this theory up in the galaxy warp there are multiple warp pads to other worlds, one of which could have been a warp to Mars. It is also possible that the Kindergarten feeds on a energy that is needed for life which is why all the life on Mars died.