Pearl's Arena is part of the Ancient Sky Arena
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Title Pearl's Arena is part of the Ancient Sky Arena
Author Skeke
Illustrator Skeke
Date of Publication August 16, 2015
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This theory talks about how the Pearl's Arena is similar to the Ancient Sky Arena and how they match up.


In "Steven the Sword Fighter" we see the Pearl's Arena, that sky arena with statues, scriptures and cracked things.

In "Sworn to the Sword" we see the Ancient Sky Arena, a similar arena but with the diamond symbols and much bigger.

My theory is that Pearl's arena was part of the Ancient arena, because, well, the obvious similarity and Pearl know both places too.

I thought of two possibilities:

  1. Both arenas were connected but for some reason, got cracked and split.
  2. There are lots of arena around Earth and they were located in different places and the Ancient Sky Arena was the principal one.

Possibility 1: The arenas were broken and parted


So, as we can see, the arenas are cracked and with broken structures. If we see carefully we can notice that both arenas have:

  • Broken parts
  • Square floors
  • Pillars with scriptures and statues
  • Bleachers
  • All things that an arena has

With these things I concluded that it has a high chance that these arenas have been connected once. But at some time they got broken and got split up.

Like Pearl did in the episodes, the Pearl's Arena area could be a training area, and the bigger one, the fighting area.

Probably during the war, Homeworld or the Earth forces tried to destroy the Arena.

Possibility 2: Lots of arenas around Earth

The arenas are similar, but if you take a closer look, they have some little differences.

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Another arena?

As showed on "Friend Ship" the cartoon Earth is the real Earth and not a "fantasy Earth". With this we can confirm that the pillars in the Pearl's Arena have an egyptian design, and the Ancient Sky Arena another.

So there are lots of arenas and gems buildings around the earth, based on the near culture.

We can also claim that Pearl's Arena is far from Beach City because was raining in Beach City, and in the Arena wasn't. If the arena really have an egyptian design so should be located in Egypt.

Raining beachhouse

Beach City on a raining day

Also, in "Sworn the Sword", when they went to the Sky Arena, it was


Sunny day on the arena

sunny, and in Beach City too. So if you use the real location of Beach City, the Ancient Sky Arena may be located somewhere in Delmarva, USA. Or in any place that was in a sunny day that time.

You can be asking: How do you know that they went to the arena soon after they were in the Beach House?

Well, I think Rebecca left this as a clue, notice that Pearl said "Now?" and Connie said "Wait, now?" in the episodes. This confirms that they went to the arenas right after they were in the Beach House.


"Wait, now?"