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Disproved Theory
Recently acquired data disproves this theory, Pearl Works With Homeworld Theory. We appreciate the attempt.
Pearl Works With Homeworld
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Theory Information
Title Pearl Works With Homeworld
Date of Publication June 14, 2015

Hey I'm Badwolf152 here again with a theory. You saw this name and you said," Nooooo!" But you looked anyway! Thanks! Here we go!

During Cry For Help, Pearl rebuilt the communications hub, twice. She said it was to fuse with Garnet, but what if that was a lie within a lie? What if, when she was on the gem ship in Jailbreak, she saw some data. This data being, that Homeworld has an experiment that makes gems go back to their former regenerations. I know, this is very unlikely, but we all know about Pearl was in love with Rose. But what if she never stopped? Steven is like a regeneration of Rose, not really, but kinda, so Pearl wonders, after they crash on Earth," Homeworld could get Rose back!" So she may not have contacted home world, but she decided to help Peridot. Even if they get imprisoned or tortured, she still got Rose back! This is very theroetical, and not much to hold it up, but to me it seems possible! How about you?

Disproved Theory

This theory is disproved due the reason that Pearl was rebuilding the hub was obviously to fuse, and when she rebuild it, the TV sends no data but just a static tv signal. Also, she could have done it before. Also due to Pearl's conflict in Peridot's during "Back to the Barn" it is far-fatched to assume the two are working together with altrior motives, since Peridot doesn't value Pearl as her own gem persay.