Confirmed Theory
Pearl was Rose's Servant is now a confirmed theory! Congratulations to the theory's author, Skeke!
Pearl was Rose's Servant
Rose's Scabbard Pearl and Rose
Theory Information
Title Pearl was Rose's Servant
Author Skeke
Illustrator Skeke
Date of Publication October 9, 2015
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This theory talk about the past of Rose and Pearl and why Pearl could have been Rose's servant.


Back to the Barn peridotrekt

Pearl being different.

We know since "Back to the Barn" that Pearls are servants on Homeworld, but of course, our Pearl its different.

Everything I ever did, I did for her.

—Pearl, "Rose's Scabbard".
Most of people think Pearl was in love with Rose, but if it goes moverover only this? What if, Pearl was Rose's servant?

Back during the war, Pearl took pride in risking her destruction for your mother. She put Rose Quartz over everything; over logic, over consequence, over her own life.

—Garnet, "Sworn to the Sword".
Since always we saw the curious relationship with Rose, all her sighs, her worship, how she do everthing for her, like in the War when she wanted to protect Rose from the enemies.
Sworn to the Sword Pearl defending Rose

Pearl defending Rose.

Rose just only shown her a new beautiful world, she freed her. That made Pearl feel something more from Rose, and Rose accept that, making Pearl do things that any Pearl would do, like learn how to fight.

Rose also say in the same episode "My Pearl" stating the servant Pearls and consequently showing that Pearl is Rose's servant, as she says that Pearl belongs to her.

Pearls aren't for this! They're for standing around, and looking nice, and holding your stuff for you...

—Peridot, "Back to the Barn"
Another thing that remind this theory is that Pearl will not leave Earth, unless it was ordened. Besides, like Peridot said she is not mean to do things like exploration, reports or command experiments, she is useful for serving.
Back to the Barn Pearl Shy

Pearl being shy by Peridot exposing the truth about her kind.

But why would I ever want to go home, if you're here?

—Pearl, "Rose's Scabbard"

She leave Homeworld with Rose because she was ordered. Then when Pearl arrived on Earth she felt the same thing Rose felt about our planet.

Sometimes, you look so much like her.

—Pearl, "Rose's Scabbard"
When Rose "died", Pearl was destroyed, with the feeling of losing her master. Maybe that is why Pearl refers to Rose when talk with Steven and is so carefull.
Rose's Scabbard THE FEELS

"I wonder if she can see me through your eyes."

This can help the Pink Diamond Theory, because when Pearl put her space suit, like Peridot or Jasper suit, it has a diamond pattern on the center, but Pearl one is pink.

Confirmed Theory

This theory was confirmed in the episode "The Answer", when Garnet says: "And there they were: Rose Quartz, the leader of the rebellion, and her terrifying renegade Pearl", meaning that Pearl was actually Rose's Pearl, consequently, Rose's servant.