Confirmed Theory
Pearls are Servants on Homeworld is now a confirmed theory! Congratulations to the theory's author, Purple Coal!
Pearls are Servants on Homeworld
Rose's Scabbard Pearl and Rose
Theory Information
Author Purple Coal
Illustrator Purple Coal
Date of Publication 4/3/2015

This theory proposes the idea that Pearls are ranked as servants back on Homeworld. The evidence to this theory is the fact that Jasper calls Pearl “some lost, defective Pearl” in the episode “The Return”, also, Pearl’s holographic version of Rose calls Pearl “My Pearl”.

This theory states that back on Homeworld, Pearl (One of the main character in the series) was sent to work with Rose Quartz, she ended up joining her in the rebellion and helped in the gem war and on.

There are multiple blog posts online that state this theory, also saying it goes with the “Rose is Pink Diamond” Theory, and there are even a few comics about it but this theory appears to be very likely. In the episode "Friend Ship" Pearl states she is 'just a Pearl' and that she is useless on her own,further supporting this theory.

Confirmed Theory

This theory is confirmed as of "Back to the Barn" when Peridot states that there are hundreds of Pearls on Homeworld made to be high class servants.