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Pink Diamond Theory is now a confirmed theory! Congratulations to the theory's author, JinxBinx!
Pink Diamond Theory
Pink Diamond27
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Author JinxBinx
Illustrator JinxBinx
Date of Publication May 6, 2015
Garnet & Amethyst Outfit Concepts

So, as we all know, Rose Quartz led the Crystal Gems against the Homeworld Gems six thousand years ago, and according to the murals from "Serious Steven", She even fought one or more of the Diamonds, which can be assumed to be the leaders on the Gem Homeworld.

Judging so far that the hierarchy of Gems on the Homeworld is directly related to the rareness of the gems, and assuming the hierarchy possesses some level of strength attributed to the rareness of the gems, the Diamonds would be good leaders and also quite formidable opponents, due partially to the fact that diamonds in real life are nearly indestructible. Something indestructible like that would be great for... or say... a shield?

So why was Rose such a good leader, and able to stand up against the Gem armies, including the Diamonds themselves? The other quartz-based gems are strong, but none of them seem to be very smart (Amethyst and Jasper), and Jasper did mention that Rose was what can only be assumed as a great Tactician. Rose pulled a faction together, and united them, led them against the Diamonds and the armies of the Gem Homeworld, and won. It seems like she managed to overtake and win the war against them. Even with her lower class of Gem, what I'm guessing would usually be just a footsoldier in the Gem army.

But I realized something. Pink Diamonds exist. They are among the rarest gems in the world, most notably the Pink Star Diamond. And if you notice on all of the Crystal Gems clothing, there are star patterns. The triangle-symbol that represents the Diamonds also appears sideways, in the middle of the shield Steven summons in a newer episode, starting the spiral of the rose. So, what if Rose Quartz isn't actually Quartz at all? What if she's actually Pink Diamond? It also should be noted that on the same mural from "Serious Steven", Rose is using an item that resembles a Pink Diamond, cradling it in her hands, seemingly using it to defend against the attack of a gem using Ice (Blue Diamond, maybe?). I've just been pondering this, What are some of the communities ideas on the theory? I got this theory from Tumblr.



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