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Disproved Theory
Recently acquired data disproves this theory, Pink diamond is real and died a long time Ago. We appreciate the attempt.
Pink Diamond is real and died a long time ago
Theory Information
Title Pink Diamond is real and died a long time ago
Author MonkeyMaster2
Illustrator Skeke
Date of Publication October 9, 2015

The Death of Pink Diamond

Sworn to the Sword Pink

It has been theorized that Rose was Pink Diamond, but if that was true then that would be what she is called now. Let us say Rose was Pink Diamond's right hand...gem and Pink Diamond also had a problem with the Kindergarten project so she did every thing in her political power to stop it but she couldn't so she agreed with the plan for a rebellion, and Yellow Diamond could sense the treachery, so she challenged her, it was a fight to the death and Pink Diamoind lost and so Rose began a rebellion.

Why Rose isn't Pink Diamond

Now think about this, why would Pink Diamond want people to think she was Rose Quartz when she could encourage more people to fight as herself, with them knowing they have someone powerful on their side. And here's something else, wouldn't she be recognized by everyone because she a high power figure; even if she shapeshifted they would still be able to recognize her by her distinct gemstone.

Confirmed Theory

Most of this theory is confirmed. The fact that Pink diamond is real and died a long time ago, and also Rose was from Pink Diamond's court/gems it has been all confirmed in the episode "Back to the Moon". Even the statement about how Pink Diamond died and how the rebellion started is not the main point of this theory, so for now, this theory is confirmed.