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Disproved Theory
Recently acquired data disproves this theory, Red Gem/Sardonyx Theory. We appreciate the attempt.
Red Gem/Sardonyx Theory
Theory Information
Title Red Gem/Sardonyx Theory
Author Perlen297
Illustrator Perlen297
Date of Publication June 22, 2015
Publication Order
Previous Steven's Way of Shapeshifting

This is the theory I've been keeping for a long time since after first StevenBomb, about the Red Gem! After StevenBomb 3 was announced, seeing Sardonyx with red-orange colored text... this made me continue my original Red Gem Theory! So I made the version 2.0 of this theory and explain them separately. (more details soon)

Red Gem Theory (v1.0)

Before starting, see these images:

Both have, hexagon shape: Red Eye's iris and the Top of the Injector. And they also red in color. Based on their similarities, it could imply that both machines are made by the same gem, a red gem to be specific. This theory states that both Red Eye and the Kindergarten project was made by this Red Gem.

Sardonyx Theory (v2.0)

This is mostly Head Canon
Sardonyx is also red (red-orange specifically), this could imply that Sardonyx is the red gem! It's possible that after Peridot escapes, it now time for Sardonyx to shine!

About the color, both the Red Eye (after exploding) and the Injectors is in Night Palette. So the real color might be Red-Orange to Orange when in Day Palette.

(more details sooner...)

Similar Theory

Spessartine Theory by 1kierr

Both of our theories (only 1.0) refers to the same gem, but in other name.

Disproved Theory

As seen in "Cry For Help", Sardonyx is a fusion and she don't have her own Gemstone.