Rose's Mission Theory
Theory Information
Title Rose's Mission Theory
Author 1kierr
Illustrator 1kierr
Date of Publication May 24, 2015

1.) So Rose wanted to protect Earth, She had a Gem Army who helped her in defending Earth from Homeworld, Rose's Shield was able to defend only her closest friends ( - Which was stated by Greg in 'The Return') she was able to defend Garnet and Pearl only, they are the only remaining Crystal Gems. "Is this what's left in your army?" (- Jasper, in 'The Return').

2.) Rose wanted to destroy all the creations the Homeworld Gems created, and clear Earth from possible dangers the buildings could do. After 1,000 years of destroying, they reached the kindergarten and found Amethyst, They kept her.

3.) Rose remembered her other gem friends that helped her in protecting earth and they died because her big shield was not that big to protect them all. They collected their gemstones and contained them 'its the least we can do, if not then... ( - Pearl in 'Ocean Gem'). Rose created her own fountain so the Crystal Gems will use it for healing if she is gone. After the Crystal Gems collected all the Gemstones in the future, they will bring all the contained/bubbled gemstones in the fountain, pop them all, and heal them, its the only way since Rose can't heal using 1 or few tears only, the fountain was so big and enough for healing. After Rose's death, the Crystal Gems changed their outfit and added stars on it, it is their sign of respect from Rose's star in her outfit too. They still continued Rose's mission and in the future, they will fulfill it.