Rose/Mirror Theory
Theory Information
Author Sunsetphoenix
Illustrator GoopHug
Date of Publication May 30th, 2015
This theory was created by SunsetPhoenix, and was published by GoopHug per request.


Many avid fans of Steven Universe have hoped that Rose would come back and be somebody in Steven's life. Well, this theory pieces a solution that still gives Steven and Rose importance while allowing them to communicate.

Other theories of this involve Steven regenerating and Rose appearing with him, etc..., all with Rose coming out. There is one fatal flaw with this: it would give the title character no importance as a gem, so he would probably not be part of the CG any longer, thus ending the plot and the series.

This theory, however, proposes a different solution. What if there was a magic mirror (only gem shard powered this time to avoid complications) that when Steven looked in the mirror, he saw Rose and could communicate with her! Steven's voice would be Rose's when communicate. If Steven looked into the mirror and other gems did too, Rose could communicate with them, too! But when Steven looks away, he would no longer see Rose because the mirror was just showing Steven, and Rose is deep inside Steven. There would be a large mirror so all could look in and a small one about the size of a make up mirror that Steven could carry in his pocket so he could talk to Rose anytime. This offers a way that Steven could communicate with Rose but still keep his importance.