Rose Quartz's powers and Steven
Theory Information
Author JinxBinx
Illustrator JinxBinx
Date of Publication June 3, 2015

So this has been on my mind for a long time, I've talked this over in chats as well. So here is my theory.

How powerful was Rose Quartz, and what about Steven?

Well, from what we have seen, Rose was a Powerhouse. She defeated Homeworld with her strategist knowledge and her own power. And Steven has inherited a lot of that power, it seems. But every time we see Rose, not as a memory, but a person, her eyes are covered in shadows. So that leads me to how Rose spoke to Steven in Lion 3. It wasn't only like a mother to her son, but also like she was preparing him for something.

Preparing him for what, it has not been specified, but I assume it's Homeworld. How did Rose know about this, Homeworld making an appearance again? If Garnet gave Rose Future Vision, it certainly wouldn't have spanned thirteen or longer years into the future. That leads me to believe that Rose had many more powers then it seems.

Another question that has been nagging at me is, did Rose plan Steven? This entwines with the Lion 3 theory, what if Rose saw herself failing and decided to make Steven? Steven already is very powerful against Homeworld because of his organic side. I want to see if this theory is true or not...