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Disproved Theory
Recently acquired data disproves this theory, Rose Quartz Created the Cluster. We appreciate the attempt.
Rose Quartz Created the Cluster
Theory Information
Title Rose Quartz Created the Cluster
Author Amethystkitten
Illustrator Amethystkitten
Date of Publication October 12th 2015
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Hi, I'm Amethystkitten and welcome to another one of my theories! Today let's talk about Rose and her possible connection to the cluster.


Rose couldn't have known about it!

—Garnet (Sapphire), "Keeping it Together"

No Garnet, I believe you are wrong, my theory today is that Rose Quartz the leader of the Crystal Gems may have created the cluster.


The first evidence of this theory comes from the episode "Ocean Gem" where Steven healed Lapis' gem. Why is this important? In "An Indirect Kiss" as well, when Amethyst cracks her gem they rush to Rose's healing spring and that does indeed heal her gem. Well, it is clear that both Rose and Steven possess a healing power that works on gems meaning it likely works on gem shards as well. And how in the world would they homeworld have forced those gems together, healing power of course. That's the only way to permanently force something together that we know of.

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The gem shards from secret team are rather resemblant of those that make up the cluster...

Next let's look at "Secret Team" where Amethyst found Pearl checking the status of gem shards in a Rose Quartz bubble. When the bubble was popped, the shards emerged as hands and feet, just like the first cluster prototypes. What was Rose doing with those shards? Were they for future experiments?

Now, let's think about "Keeping it Together" once more, when Garnet and Steven saw the first cluster gems there reactions were horrified and that may have been the way Rose felt as well. It could be possible that if Rose did indeed hold a position of power (let's say she was Pink Diamond) then, she would probably at some point during her reign be Homeworld's ally.


When Steven healed Lapis' gem, it became clear he indeed does have the power to seal a cracked gem or in other word connect a cracked gem

We know the gem war ended 5,000 years ago and we know it began 6,000 years ago. What if Rose Quartz made the first cluster before the war and then when prototypes began emerging she was horrified by what she had done and started the rebellion?

This is the Cluster. A massive, artificial fusion composed of millions of Gem shards. It has laid dormant for thousands of years within this planet's crust.

—Peridot, "Back to the Barn"
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Rose's fountain (which contained her tears) also healed Amethyst's cracked gem...

And then let's jump to "Back to the Barn" when Peridot admitted the Cluster had been lying dormant for thousands of years, it is very possible that Rose did indeed create the cluster before the rebellion or that she created it sometime after.


Overall, I have come to the conclusion that Rose Quartz may have created the cluster. This doesn't mean she is evil, it just means there is a lot about the ancient gem leader that we don't know.

Give me your opinions! I'd love to see what you think!